The 7 Best Extensions for Link Builders

This is a contribution from Rick Galansky at Complete SEO in Dallas, TX.

When building a link, it takes a lot of hard work and effort, but these top seven links will give you the ability to maximize your websites. They will give you the ability to navigate faster and access multiple sites. Here is the list:

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
Ahrefs is one of the most trusted and most used extensions especially for content research. This toolbar is used to show people their social share counts and backlink counts. They provide lots of charts and graphs to help organize and analyze the root domain metrics. These tools allow the user to navigate their demographics and to enhance their online information.

MozBar is one of the most popular toolbars of them all. This toolbar is also very similar to Ahrefs because of its metric tools. It also includes social insights and domain authority ratings. Mozbar is available on on Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. This extension has saved SEO’s a lot of time over the years.

SEOquake is a free plugin thats provides people with organic data research at their fingertips. They are compatible with Opera, as well as Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. SEOquake gives the people beginner friendly access to analytical data anywhere on the web. They also give people the ability to maximize navigation tactics and partnerships used by competitors.

The Scraper is a quick way to help you find a large amount number of links that are similar. Simply right click on the website and select scrape similar. This will give you a full list of similar sites that are easily exported to your google docs tab. The scraper helps users find multiple websites that function in a similar manner all at the same time.

Check My Links
Check My Links is an extension that checks for broken links on a webpage. It highlights the broken links and allow the user to go in and make corrections as needed. This allows the user to work faster and more efficiently without the hassle of looking through a large number of links.

LinkMiner is very similar to check my links because of its fast and easy to use broker link finding. With LinkMiner you are able to export all of your links from a specific page. You can also display link data on different pages. There are also different external link features that this extension provides.

LastPass is a free password manager that saves and encrypts online passwords. This plugin allows you to use it on the web interface as well as apps for your smartphone. This helps the user gain access to different passwords for different devices.

These are the top seven extensions for link builders. As you can see, these link builders give you the ability to use and navigate your website to its full potential. There are many different features such as link navigation, encrypting passwords and many more. These link building extensions are very helpful and beneficial to users all around the world.

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