100 Perfect Guinea Pig Names Beginning With P

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Having trouble in selecting some guinea pig names beginning with P?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here we have listed the top 50 names for male and female guinea pigs that you will find quite different.

Give them a quick peek!


50 names for your female guinea pig that start with P

  1. Penelope:  It is the Greek name for beaver.
  2. Pamela: This beautiful name has Greek roots, and it means full of honey.
  3. Patricia: Means noble, and it is a female form of the name Patrick.
  4. Pandora:  This name means someone gifted.
  5. Paige:  A cute name for your pet that means attendant
  6. Peyton: This name means warrior place.
  7. Priscilla:  A beautiful name that was given to someone to bestow long life.
  8. Piper:  It means someone who plays the flute.
  9. Paula: This name means small, so perfect for your tiny little pig.
  10. Pia:  The name Pia means beauty and brains.
  11. Portia:  From the Shakespearean play Merchant of Venice
  12. Peggy: The name Peggy is an attractive choice as it is Greek for the pearl.
  13. Patrice: It means royal.
  14. Pauline: Like, Paula, this name means small but in French.
  15. Pam: This beautiful name means all sweetness.
  16. Phoebe: The name Phoebe means sparkling and has roots in the Greek language.
  17. Prudence:  This name means plum.
  18. Petra:  This name is a feminine spin-off of the name Peter, and it means “rock”.
  19. Paisley: A kind of a pretty pattern used on clothes.
  20. Paloma: The name Paloma is Spanish for Dove.
  21. Phyllis: The name Phyllis is Greek for a green branch.
  22. Pippa:  This cute little name means lover of horses.
  23. Pilar: The name Pilar is Spanish for the word pillar.
  24. Peta: Name of the golden eagle in the Native American language.
  25. Paulina:  From the Shakespearean play Winter’s Tale
  26. Persia: A cute name for your pet, which was the old name for the country Iran.
  27. Pearle: The name Pearle is Latin for the word precious.
  28. Prunella: It is the name for the fruit plum in the Greek language.
  29. Pascale: Name used for someone born on Easter day.
  30. Pietra: A feminine spin on Peter and it means rock in Italian.
  31. Pearla: The name Pearla is also Latin for the word precious (like Pearle).
  32. Petronella: Means stone in Swedish.
  33. Philis: The name Philis is Greek for a green branch.
  34. Prisca:  Shorter and snappier version of Priscilla, with the same meaning.
  35. Pierrette: The name means “rock” in the French language.
  36. Petrina: This name means “stone” in the Greek language.
  37. Pamella: Name used to describe someone who is made of honey.
  38. Poloma:  The name means “bow” in the Native American language.
  39. Persephone: The name Persephone is used to describe the Greek goddess of spring.
  40. Petronia: Another feminine version of Peter, it means rock in Latin.
  41. Pearlina: The name Pearla is also Latin for the word precious (like Pearle).
  42. Pascala: Name used for someone born on Easter day.
  43. Phoenix: The name Phoenix means the color dark red.
  44. Pakwa: A cute name that means “frog.”
  45. Pallas: The name Pallas has roots in the Greek language. It is used to depict the Goddess Athena of wisdom.
  46. Pamina: The name Pamina means little honey in the Italian language.
  47. Pansy: This beautiful little name means “thought.”
  48. Panteha: Fit for the name of your little friend. It means “princess.”
  49. Panya: The name Panya is the feminine form of Stephan crowned with laurels in the Russian language.
  50. Paphos: Used for someone warm, like your little friend.

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Don’t forget to check these guinea pig names for pairs:

50 Male Guinea Pig Names Starting with P

guinea pig names beginning with p for girls and boys
  1. Paul: The cute little name, Paul, means “little.”
  2. Patrick: Used for someone noble.
  3. Peter: The name Peter has its roots in the Greek language, and it means “rock.”
  4. Philip:  From the Shakespearean play Taming of the Shrew
  5. Phillip: Used for a horse lover.
  6. Phoenix:  Phoenix refers to a mythical bird that is full of colors and lives for a long period.
  7. Preston: The name Preston means the priest’s farm.
  8. Payton:  The name Payton means “battling a person’s land.”
  9. Pax: The name Pax means the word “peace” in Latin.
  10. Pedro:  The name Pedro is of Spanish and Portuguese, and it means “rock.”
  11. Paxton: Means a peaceful hamlet.
  12. Perry: The name Perry is of French origin, and it means “pear tree.”
  13. Pierre: The name means “rock” in the French language
  14. Pascal: Someone who is born at Easter or Passover.
  15. Pete: The name means “rock” in the English language.
  16. Peyton:  The name means warrior’s village.
  17. Parker:  The English name for the keeper of a park.
  18. Paris:  The name is taken from the Shakespearean play Romeo & Juliet.
  19. Pierce:  The name means “rock.”
  20. Phineas:  The name Phineas means “oracle” in the Hebrew language.
  21. Paco: The name Paco is used in the language Spanish for “the free one.”
  22. Presley: The name Presley has its roots in the English language, and it means from the priest’s meadow.
  23. Puck: Name for someone mischievous. Perfect for your guinea pig.
  24. Palmer: The name Palmer has English roots, and it means pilgrim bearing a palm branch.
  25. Percy: The name Percy means little soldier.
  26. Powell: The name Powell means son of Howell.
  27. Paxon: Means peaceful town.
  28. Pippin: Name for a traveler.
  29. Pim: This name means strong security.
  30. Prescott: The name Prescott means someone from the priest’s cottage.
  31. Pancho: The name Pancho means unconstrained.
  32. Paige:  A name used for a young one who helps someone.
  33. Pal:  This name is a variant of the name Paul, and it means “tiny.”
  34. Palaemon: Palaemon was a Greek god of the sea.
  35. Pany: The name Pany is used for the son of Harry.
  36. Pert:  The name Pert is Celtic for from the thorn bush or thicket.
  37. Pesach: The name Pesach is Hebrew for the Passover Holiday.
  38. Phelan: Means little wolf in the Celtic.
  39. Philemon:  The name Philemon has Greek roots, and it means affection.
  40. Philihert: Used for someone sharp willed.
  41. Phoebus: Means the shining one in the Greek language.
  42. Phorcys: Phorcys was a Greek god of the sea.
  43. Pierrepont: In French, it means someone who stays by the stone overpass.
  44. Pabiyan: The name is Russian and means bean farmer.
  45. Pio: The name Pio is Italian for “the pious ones.”
  46. Pippo: In the Greek language, this name means the lover of horses.
  47. Pirro:  Greek name for red-haired, a perfect guinea pig name by color!
  48. Ponce: A name that means fifth in the Spanish language.
  49. Pharrell: Used for someone who has valor, the cutest choice for your pet.
  50. Poe: This adorable tiny name means “peacock.”

Names starting with the letter “P” are obviously good! For sure, you will be able to pick one.

“Phyllis” and “Philemon” caught my attention!

Looking for guinea pig names beginning with P? You come to the right place! We provide 100 ideas for girls and boys that you will surely love!

Your turn! What are your favorite guinea pig names beginning with p? Please share below!



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