Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2023

12 Lessons for Logistics Managers to Use in 2023

12 Lessons Logistics Managers Learned in 2022 | Shipping SolutionsThe challenges from 2020 to 2022 have continued to plague logistics managers globally. In return, to ensure profits, change and risk management have become key elements of their day-to-day management and operations. Many factors play into the decision-making process, and having the right data to make those key decisions is even more critical. This requires having team players that understand the business and the importance of information flow. Communications between all partners and trust levels cannot be underestimated in value. 

12 Lessons Logistics Managers Learned in 2022

So, what are some of the lessons learned that will remain critical moving into 2023, as uncertainty remains globally?

  1. Create growth strategies that take into account your competitor’s edge and niche opportunities.
  2. Review value-chain expansion opportunities.
  3. Invest in technology for quick decision making, ensuring cost control for profitability.
  4. Review and improve on operational efficiencies.
  5. Review geographical expansion into new markets.
  6. Determine if opportunities exist to move into closely related industries.
  7. Review supply chain costs, partners and origin for possible changes.
  8. Make inventory management a priority.
  9. Know and understand partners’ capabilities.
  10. Review all possible risk management scenarios—plan, plan, plan.
  11. Hire qualified, experienced individuals for collaboration. 
  12. Expand on customer service capabilities.

The above are only a few—but critical—ways a logistics manager can ensure ongoing success and oversight. Assign responsibilities and have brainstorming sections with your staff. Keep up-to-date with global changes and shifts in the market, which can directly affect your inventory and strategic planning. Keep your employees engaged and part of the plan—they are key to your success. Know that remote workers must be lead differently than face-to-face operations. Learn to lead them to gain results that drive organizational success. 

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