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A lot of cakes are consumed in this gloomy documentary about the shackling of the press in India. It’s never a very jolly party.

For Delhi TV anchorman Ravish Kumar, each leaving party morsel means one of his team has been forced out.

His fixed smile as he picks at another Black Forest gateau tells the story without words.

Kumar’s crime appears to be that he wants to report on poverty and unemployment, in contrast to rival stations which are painted as slavish, hysterical supporters of Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Kumar is bombarded with death threats, the transmissions of his station NDTV are mysteriously blocked, and his colleagues give up one by one.

We see his despair as fellow campaigning journalists are gunned down. He goes nowhere without a bodyguard and fears for his family.

There’s precious little to lighten the mood but an example of true loyalty towards the end stirs the spirit.

Sadly, Vinay Shukla’s meticulous film won’t get a showing anywhere in India. Which is all you need to know about freedom of speech there.

While We Watched, Cert 15, In cinemas and on digital now

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