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Big Ben is an iconic part of Britain’s capital city London, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. However, some American visitors are been left “unsettled” and “disappointed” after their visit to the landmark, and have taken to the internet to express their complaints. Here are some of the most hilarious one-star reviews left by US visitors. Their complaints range from being upset at there being no hot dogs at Big Ben, to the clock tower being too close to the river, and even upset to discover that the late Queen Elizabeth does in fact not live inside Big Ben. 

One review from a disgruntled tourist explained they were disappointed by the range of snacks near Big Ben. They wrote in a one-star review: “There are no hot dogs, my son was very disappointed. There were only pretzels.”

Another review from a man named Josh said the clock tower was “lovely” but “situated too close to the river.” Josh wrote: “I fell into the river when I was looking at the tower. I fell into the freezing cold Thames.” 

Somebody else took umbrage at the name « Big Ben’ » After leaving a one-star review, they wrote: “Ben is such a boring name. Who went to all that great lengths to build this ginormous clock only to go ahead and name it BEN. Personally, I think the clock should have a female name, let’s call it Ginormous Georgia.” 

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One other user also had an issue with Big Ben’s name. They wrote: « It’s just a stupid clock, and idiots call it Big Ben when that is not even the proper name. It’s called the Elizabeth Tower.” 

Big Ben’s proper name seemed to have confused one tourist, who left a bad review after learning the Royal Family does not reside in the clock tower. The perplexed visitor wrote: “Why doesn’t the Queen live here? Her Majesty the Queen doesn’t live here and I just found that out when I went to visit a couple of days ago.”

The review continued: “I was very disappointed…to the government officials reading this, please move the Queen into Big Ben.” 

Other tourists timed Big Ben and left bad reviews after being disappointed by the accuracy. One annoyed tourist wrote: “Strained my neck trying to see the clock, and when I eventually did I found it was 0.5 seconds too fast from GMT (prior experience as watchmaker so I know mine was spot on).” 

Some short reviews said that Big Ben was “ten seconds slow by my watch” while another tourist complained Big Ben’s chimes were “too loud” and asked if Britain could “turn the clock down.” 

Another review by Nathan from Califonia said that Big Ben was “perhaps the most iconic symbol of Great Britain” but urged his fellow Americans to explore other parts of London. He wrote: Unfortunately when it comes to the UK, most Americans and non-Brits think of Big Ben … It’s just a bell tower. “

An annoyed tourist also took issue with Big Ben, and Europe in general, with their one-star review. They wrote: “I don’t see what the fuss is about Europe. It’s just a big clock. I will go to a place that sells alcohol instead.”

However, one reviewer was so disturbed by their visit to Big Ben that they said they were “glad it blew up” in the movie V for Vendetta. They wrote: “Absolutely terrible I would never ever go again. I’m glad they blew it up in V for Vendetta. it’s just a big clock and the whole experience left me unsettled.”

One review joked: “Lied on his profile about how big he was… more like average Ben.”

Another one-star review came from Jennifer, who confessed she had never actually been to London. She wrote: “Never been there in my life…I’ve never actually been to England. I just enjoy writing reviews, I am so sorry to waste your time but I just love contributing.” 

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