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ArchLynk Acquires WCS Consulting: Strengthening its Digital Supply Chain Service Offering Worldwide 

ArchLynk, a global leader in Digital Supply Chain Consulting Services and Global Trade Solutions headquartered in San Jose, California, announced today the acquisition of WCS Consulting, a leading consulting advisory firm for Planning and Operational optimization solutions for digital supply chains. 

This acquisition is part of ArchLynk’s vision to become the leading digital supply chain systems integrator globally. This is ArchLynk’s first acquisition following the merger of Krypt and Novigo, SAP digital supply chain partners backed by BV Investment Partners. This strategic acquisition strengthens ArchLynk’s standing as a top-tier provider of end to end innovative supply chain solutions.

One of the key factors that made this acquisition an attractive opportunity for ArchLynk was WCS’s reputation and deep expertise in the Integrated Business Planning and operations consulting space.

Simon Tunmore, CEO of WCS, will become SVP, leading the new business unit of Business Consulting & Planning, bringing along his existing team and integrating additional members from ArchLynk. 

In a domain primarily serviced by general Systems Integrators, ArchLynk stands out by offering specialized, targeted domain knowledge backed with an extensive toolkit of Intellectual Property catering exclusively to the supply chain sector.

This acquisition will elevate ArchLynk’s position as a leader in the Digital Supply Chain Consulting ecosystem. Customers will leverage a comprehensive range of services that not only address their specific supply chain challenges but also drive digital transformation and continuous improvement.  The customer bases of both entities are distinct from one another, presenting a unique opportunity for ArchLynk to offer a wide range of offerings across the combined customer universe.

As part of ArchLynk’s vision and strategy, the leadership will also continue to look for strategic and opportunistic acquisitions in the space globally.

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