WordPress Trash Trouble

As an FYI to any developers out there who may struggle as I did, I offer up this tidbit of WordPress mastery: the wp_trash_post() function triggers the save_post action. Yeah, ick. :(Taking a look at the wp-includes/post.php source code for the... read more »

CSS Bar Graphs

Once upon a time I wanted to create a bar graph to help visualize data on a website but didn't want to use any external frameworks. So, instead, I came up with the following using only HTML and CSS. Here's an... read more »

Better Code Wayfinding in Sublime Text

My favorite feature of the brilliant and zippy code editor Sublime Text is the sidebar code view. It's like a 35,000 foot window above line after line of your hard work. It also acts as a scrollbar of sorts letting you... read more »

Enabling File Tree View in Ubuntu

I've been a user of Ubuntu for my desktop and laptop for a few years now and love nearly everything about it. When version 13.04 came around, however, I found something to dislike that gave me pause. All of the sudden... read more »

Showing Device Boundaries for Mobile Front End Dev

When setting up the mobile smartphone or tablet version of a website I do as much as possible as I can on my development computer before testing in emulators or actual mobile devices. See what I mean by viewing this post... read more »

Pure CSS Loading Animation

There are plenty of resources on the web to find or create animated GIFs to denote when something in your app is waiting or loading. In my case I was always left wanting something simple that would work on any background... read more »

Origin Story: Swap Meet Mama

Every project has a creation story and Swap Meet Mama, just launched today, is no different. It all started with carrots. Seriously.A few years ago I had a bumper crop of the delicious orange spears bursting from a little spot in... read more »

iOS 7 Safari Developer Gotcha's

iOS 7 is being released to the masses tomorrow but its new version of mobile Safari already caused the front end developer in me some trouble. Here's what I've found so far. User Agent String First up, for anyone needing this, I give... read more »