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Catawiki is Europe’s most visited marketplace for special objects and offers more than 65,000 objects for auction each week.

Their mission is to provide an exciting and seamless experience for their customers to buy and sell special, hard-to-find items.

Founded in 2008 with a mission to make special objects more accessible, Catawiki now offers over 600 auctions each week, across multiple categories including collectibles, art, design, jewelry, watches, classic cars and more.

Sale of special objects - Catawiki

A global market

Catawiki has operations in 60 countries and speaks 17 languages ​​so that its customers always feel at home with them. They connect buyers and sellers around the world while providing transparency through public reviews, a secure payment platform and a dedicated international support team.

Safe and secure payments

Catawiki works with payment providers to handle all payments securely.

For buyers: Catawiki holds payment until 3 days after receiving the item or until the seller has confirmed that the item has been collected and no claim has been received.

For sellers: Once Catawiki confirms that it has received payment from the buyer, you can ship your item. Your system will then confirm that the buyer has received their purchase, based on a valid Track & Trace, and payment will be deposited into your account.

Dedicated Support

In the rare event of a problem with your special item, their highly trained customer support team is available to assist you via the Catawiki Help Center or phone

Low auction fees

In exchange for the services Catawiki offers to both buyers and sellers, they charge a seller’s commission of 12.5% ​​and a buyer’s commission of 9% of the final bid value. Buyers must cover shipping costs and possible duties and fees where applicable.

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