Catawiki releases an entire AlphaTauri dedication ad…

Catawiki releases an entire AlphaTauri dedication ad…

A historic partnership, which will bring happiness so much passion for Formula 1. The team Alpha Tauri he has in fact united the forze con Catawiki, leading company for the sale of special objects, with the aim of creating five special auctions, dedicated to veri e propri cimeli della storia del team. After and further testimony, also a true and proper single-seater, directly from the race circuits of 2016.

AlphaTauri and Catawiki together with many memorabilia for enthusiasts

PA more than 300 special objects, selected from the Alpha Tauri archive by Catawiki‘s motorsport experts, which will be auctioned in the coming months. He first lotto of 70 items it’s almost time for the platform and Formula 1 lovers can make their own offer for the memorabilia they want the most. Acaba è fissato al July 12when will this first phase close.

Rich choice for enthusiasts. Come early, il pezzo più desiderat is certainly the single seater STR11. If it is the same car that has brought AlphaTauri (all the time still known as Toro Rosso) to an extraordinary seventh place, also thanks to all the actions of the drivers themselves: Daniel Kvyat, Carlos Sainz and the now legendary Max Verstappen became since then two times champion of the world.

Tra and pieces at auction on Catawiki if you can also find other peaks of this athlete. For example one is available Cerchione posterior proper of the STR11used during a race in 2016. Opure è possibile accaparrarsi anche una the entire Verstappen competition, with all its components. And of course the current reigning champion is not the only protagonist of this auction.

All the best of Formula 1 in the sky. Scopri offered it!

Dopotutto da AlphaTauri so many extraordinary talents have passed through the years and therefore there is no shortage of monuments to their dedication. Put without prize for example a predecessor of Pierre Gasly’s car of 2021? Opure tuta di Daniel Ricciardo from 2012? Not forgetting the current drivers Alpha Tauri, Nyck de Vries e Yuki Tsunodawho have taken a break from their preparation for the Austrian GP to intervene in the presentation of this association.

Cinque aste, per cinque momenti chiave

come to anticipate, The first Catawiki auction dedicated to AlphaTauri is open already and will continue until next July 12. If it is a really special event, a beneficence risk will also have to be understood. A part of the proceeds will be allocated to al Commune of Faenza for the relief operations following the flood that has recently hit the Romagna.

After all, AlphaTauri’s headquarters are located right in the town of Romagna, where it is an institution fin dai tempi della Minardi. On the occasion of the presentation we had the opportunity to visit this headquarters and discover everything that has given birth to a car for Formula 1 and how much continuous research is necessary. More than 600 people he is continuously active in studying the material, testing it and preparing it to serve to face the competition.

And naturally in question days life is particularly frenetic, with him Austrian Grand Prix ai blockoki di partenza (for now only metaphorically). During the visit we also had the opportunity to see live the car that will be on the track in the coming days and that will have a special detail: in the Halo esterno delle vetture AlphaTauri, in fact, for this GP and for that of Holland, it will print the Catawiki logo.

Nei next month if they have another auction dedicated to the Scuderia Romagna. The appointment is set for August, September, November and December, in conjunction with momenti chiave della stagione motoristica. In this case, the proceeds will be in part devoluto a Wings for lifea non-profit foundation dedicated to all spinal cord injury research.

Catawiki ed AlphaTauri, set for passion

Questo è senza dubbio a project that will touch the corde degli apassionati. Ed is own for this that Franz TostTeam Principal di AlphaTauri is thus the content of the collaboration with Catawiki, as explained:

« I am happy to introduce F1 collectors to the rich history of our squad, giving them the opportunity to own a piece. Mi piace pensare che ci sarà un pezzo di Toro Rosso o di Scuderia AlphaTauri in most nei salotti dei nostri fan, until when one of our racing cars will not be parked in their garage. With Catawiki we have found the best partner to make all this possible« .

A lui si è aggiunta anche la voce di Genevieve TearleVice President Collectibles of Catawiki, to be able to add i cimeli di AlphaTauri to many special objects available to fans of the platform:

« We are proud to collaborate with Scuderia AlphaTauri and help open up their archive to F1 fans and collectors to own an authentic piece of racing history. His role in the development of world-class pilots all the current team of talent formed by Yuki and Nyck, the collection that he offers is a pezzo davvero notable for the history of motorsport.« .

Be curious to know more Catawiki or you want to make your offer for one of AlphaTauri’s heirloomsI invite you to visit it official website.

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