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A recent study by Gambling ‘N Go revealed the cheapest cities for a summer holiday this year and Oran, in Algeria, took the top spot. The financial experts analysed the average cost of several factors such as flights from any London airport, hotels for a seven-week stay, and a mid-range restaurant for two people.

The port city of Oran is the cheapest Mediterranean city for a coastal break, according to the experts.

Oran may not be the most popular holiday destination, but it certainly has some stunning monuments and beautiful beaches that make the affordable town worth a visit.

Some of the most famous attractions in Oran are the Fort Santa Cruz, the Theatre of Oran or the Madagh Beach.

Travellers recently reviewed Fort Santa Cruz on the travel site Tripadvisor and said that it is a « beautiful » spot with « great views ».

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Holidaymaker Lotfi explained: « One of the most famous monuments in Oran and Algeria, it was a nice trip and the view is wonderful. I recommend you to visit this historical place. »

Others said it is an « amazing and quiet » spot, perfect to take pictures, especially « in the morning ». Santa Cruz, « on the top of Oran, was amazing. It has a great view, I loved it, » said another tourist.

Le Théâtre d’Oran is an « ornate nice opera house » in the centre of the city that was built by the French at the beginning of the 1900s.

The building has a magnificent and « beautiful facade » and it is a « must-visit, » according to some travellers.

One of the best beaches in Oran is the Plage de Madagh, a stunning spot with turquoise waters surrounded by forest and rocks.

A tourist named Benattou shared a review and said: « Today on this beautiful beach, intact and wonderful. We loved this place with many surprises awaiting you, the sand, the water… »

Holidaymaker Hakim commented on Tripadvisor: « Beautiful place, a marvellous beach surrounded by mountains. There are also pedal boats for rent. »

Another traveller recommended the location and said it is « a splendid virgin beach with a preserved landscape ».

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Flights from London to Oran in May start at £126 but there are no direct routes available, so tourists would have to fly to Marseille, France, and take a connecting flight from there which is also included in the price.

A spokesperson from Gambling ‘N Go has commented: “There’s plenty of beautiful spots along the Mediterranean coast that make for the perfect holiday by offering both the beach for a day to soak up the sun rays and the city centre to explore the culture.

« However, while many of these places may be on your bucket list, you may be unaware of whether they are within your budget.

“Fortunately, the data reveals just how much you can expect to spend if you plan on taking a trip to one of these cities so that you can consider when would be the most suitable time for you to visit based on your finances or perhaps choose an alternative destination which is more affordable.”

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