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A cruise crew member shared some of their worst issues with guests on Reddit. They said it was a “real shame” to see how some people behaved.

The former crew member said: “When I worked on ships, I saw some truly awful behaviour.

“I even had a guest throw something at me, because the captain diverted the ship due to a medical emergency.

“I also remember a kids club crew member getting yelled at because a tour was departing late.

“I actually had to step in because it was a large man yelling at her, and I wanted her out of there. It’s a real shame and I think customer service positions will be harder to staff, because the salary doesn’t make it worthwhile.

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“I would always tell myself ‘at least they’re leaving at the end of the cruise and I don’t have to go with them’.”

While the majority of cruise passengers are polite and friendly to the crew, unfortunately there are a few exceptions.

Many cruise ship crew work long hours without much time off and a rude passenger can make their job even harder.

A guest said: “Travel seems to bring out the worst in people. The amount of entitlement that people feel when they travel is just insane. Airports are a great example of this.”


Travel can be stressful, particularly if there are delays, or something goes wrong. However, guests need to remember that the crew is always trying to help.

Another guest said: “I have a theory about people who complain that the staff were rude to them.

“I think they are unhappy, entitled people to begin with who don’t like to speak to anyone ‘beneath’ them.

“I just got off my first cruise. Every staff person I saw responded to a smile with a smile back and ‘good morning’.

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“Everyone responded to a request with a smile and a sincere attempt to produce the information or item requested.”

Another passenger said: “I have never understood why people act (badly) like this, especially on vacation.

“Do these people not know how outrageously fortunate we are to be able to travel like this? Is there no gratitude?

“My husband and I always shake our heads at people who have nothing but negative things to say or who complain about every inconvenience.”

If guests feel there is an issue with their holiday, they should contact customer or guest services.

Many cruise crew appreciate small tokens of gratitude such as tips left in the cabin or even a gift.

As crew are often unable to leave the ship when it’s at port, instant noodles or toiletries can be helpful gifts.

Crew might also appreciate chocolates or snacks if guests want to show their appreciation for their work.

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