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Finding the best suite on a cruise ship can be hard to do with hundreds to choose from, all of which can vary in size, luxury and price. While you can let the cruise line allocate one for you instead, an experienced passenger has warned against it to avoid a holiday « horror story ».

Asking for advice on the popular forum, Cruise Critic, a user named floridagirl23 wrote: « I was just wondering if most people pick their own room or just let the cruise line decide.

« When shopping for cruises, I found it a little confusing to decide which cabin was best and wanted to just opt for the guarantee stateroom but then I read the horror stories thread and now I am doubting that idea. »

According to Royal Caribbean Cruises, these rooms are known as « GTY’s » and mean guests can book a stateroom of a guaranteed category type (interior, ocean view, balcony or suite) on their chosen ship and cruise.

However, the company will allocate the exact grade, number and location of the stateroom on the ship.

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In response to the forum post, several avid cruisers shared their own tips.

One person warned that booking a guaranteed stateroom should be done only at your own risk.

The forum member named rkacruiser said: « If one chooses the GTY route for a cruise, one ought to be very certain that whatever cabin in whatever location that they are assigned will be satisfied with them.

« It is much better, in my experience, to carefully study the ship’s deck plan and make your own choice. »

They added that leaving the cruise line to choose your room could leave you vulnerable to a noisy spot on the ship.

The rkacruiser said: « Public areas above you, cabins on both sides of you and, maybe across the corridor and on the deck below, are more likely to be a good cabin location. »

Another user agreed that booking a GTY is only suitable if you don’t mind a cabin under the gym or pool deck, or across the corridor from the room steward scullery.

They explained that the noise produced from these spots is « the reason those cabins are unsold ».

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When it comes to choosing the ideal room for your trip, there are a few ways to whittle down your options.

According to one experienced cruise guest, who used the name crystalspin, this varies for different types of passengers.

She urged new cruisers to « pick your room and look for a room with cabins above and below ».

The Cruise Critic member said: « If you want to be nearer some certain area, choose the activity area below you and not above – noise and vibrations come through the ceiling a bit more than through the air and then the floor!

« Do not book under a pool; the deck chairs are dragged around at some very early time! Do not book under a galley; the laden carts are rolled around also all day and night.

« If you are new to cruising, it’s often recommended to be low and mid-ship for a stable ride.

« However, it’s amusing to see that the expensive suites are essentially all upper decks and many forward or aft. »

For those who do opt for a « GTY stateroom » one of the benefits is that you are guaranteed to get a room of equal or better value than you paid. The benefits of this include a reduced price and guaranteed category.

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