Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2023

Cruise guest shares ‘essential’ item he always packs | Cruise | Travel

Clothes, shoes, and toiletries are common categories on any holiday packing list but according to one cruiser, there are other items needed for trips on the water. While a flashlight and door hooks are commonly used on cruise ships, a member of the Critic forum revealed that they always pack duct tape.

Sharing their unique packing “essential” with other forum members, a user who goes by the name “awhfy” wrote: “My essential, hmm.

“Small roll of duct tape (only one cruise in over 30 didn’t use it or give it away).”

He explained that it “comes in handy” when soft-sided luggage gets ripped apart.

Another use shared by the cruise-lover was for when zippers on hard-sided suitcases get ripped out.

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The forum user added: “I’ve repaired shoes, used as a blister plaster. I’ve even duct-taped a pair of trousers.”

When it comes to other ways to use duct tape on board the ship, other cruisers also offered many suggestions.

One person who used the name “slidergirl” said: “Duct tape. I have used it!! Back in the old days, it was a quick fix for blisters. I’ve used it to tape together curtains that won’t stay closed together, emergency hemming when I’ve ripped it.

“It’s from my old Girl Scout and backpacking days. Working at the resort hotels, duct tape was used by many a bridesmaid to fix things. I just roll some on a pencil and toss it in the bag. I still follow the be prepared motto”.

In response to the thread about duct tape, a forum poster named crystalspin agreed that it is essential.

And unlike other cruisers, she had used it to stay safe while on holiday rather than to fix things.

The cruise-lover said: “As far as duct tape, we once spent three weeks in the same hotel in Beijing; we were sharing a room with an older lady.

“The bathroom floor was extremely slippery, and I was especially concerned about her falling. I took the duct tape off our hard-shell suitcase (where it was as a spotting-on-the-conveyor marker) and cut it into strips to make the tile more slip-proof!”

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Many other items were listed by members of the Cruise Critic forum as their must-haves.

One of the most popular things packed by experienced cruisers was magnetic clips and over-the-door hooks.

According to a person who used the name Mum2Mercurcy, the clips are ideal for keeping a compass on the wall instead of the desk.

They wrote: “We also used one clip to hold a dozen disposable face masks and another to hold the ball cap my husband wears outside the cabin. The hooks keep the cabin neat; I’ll definitely bring them again. “

Another common item was a “laundry needs” bag. The user named CCruiser08 explained that this contained a small container of powdered washing detergent, stain wipes, and safety pins among other things.

A small sewing kit and pair of scissors were also on the holiday lover’s packing list.

They said: “I wash and hang dry my underwear almost daily – I can’t stand dirty underwear lying around and the rest of it has saved me (and my husband) from stains and various other wardrobe malfunctions.

“Guess I need to add a pencil with some duct tape!”

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