Published On: Thu, Feb 16th, 2023

Cruise guest warned of ‘terrible idea’ for holiday as they risk missing ship | Travel News | Travel

A cruise guest wrote on Reddit that they were arriving at port on the morning of their cruise. Other passengers were horrified.

A guest wrote: “I would absolutely change that flight as you are leaving yourself no margin for error.

“How confident are you that the flight won’t be delayed or cancelled? Or that there are no issues with luggage or traffic?

“Obviously, it’s your choice, but I don’t love having to stress about it so for me personally it’s a non-negotiable to fly in at least one day prior.”

If cruise guests fly in the night before they won’t need to worry about missing the ship and will have extra time to explore the city.

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Another guest said: “[Flying] the day of the cruise? That’s a terrible idea. If there’s any flight delay, your vacation is over before it begins.”

Cruise ships generally can’t wait for late passengers as they operate on tight schedules and must vacate the port by a certain time.

Guests may be able to fly to the next destination and meet the ship there although this would be at their own cost.

If the flight is delayed, guests could try to call ahead to warn the cruise line but there is no guarantee it will wait for them.


Guests will usually be allocated a time to board the ship, especially if it’s a huge ship with thousands of passengers.

This may be emailed to guests or they may be given the time on the cruise line app if applicable.

A guest said: “We like being at the port early. Earlier is generally better so that you can board and eat lunch and get your vacation started.”

Although not everything will be open on the ship on the first day, the buffet restaurant will usually be serving food.

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Passengers should pack anything they will need for the first day, such as suncream, in their hand luggage.

Another person advised the guest: “I would look into changing your arrival flight to the day prior, especially with how unpredictable flights are right now.”

If passengers do want to fly in on the day of the cruise, it’s a good idea to book an early morning flight.

This will allow them some time in case the flight is delayed or they face delays travelling to the port from the airport.

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