Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2023

Cruise guest warned they might not be let back on the ship if they’ve been drinking | Cruise | Travel

For some holidaymakers, having a few drinks is an essential part of their trip. On a cruise, passengers may need to follow some rules.

The guest said they were 20 and unable to buy drinks on the cruise ship which had an age limit of 21 for drinks.

They asked: “I am fully aware that I can’t buy drinks when I’m on the ship so my plan is to get drunk off the ship when the ship is at port.

“I guess my question is, if I go back to get back on the ship and I’m under the influence, could they deny my entry back on the ship?”

One guest was confident that the passenger wouldn’t face any issues, saying: “If they did breathalysers on people getting back on the ship, nobody would be let back on.

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“No, they’re not gonna be checking for that. Just don’t bring bottles of liquor back with you.”

Cruise lines usually only allow passengers to bring a limited amount of alcohol onboard the ship.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships will let passengers bring up to two bottles of wine to enjoy in their cabin.

While guests can bring alcohol they’ve purchased at port onboard, they will usually have it confiscated until the end of their cruise.


Another guest issued a stark warning to the drinking passenger. They said: “Be extra careful that you don’t miss the boat leaving.

“They will not wait for you unless you book an excursion through them directly. If you’re so bad you need to be treated in the ship’s medical facility, the charges are pretty steep.

“Also be very conscious of pickpockets if you plan to be visibly drunk. Perhaps have one person in your party be the responsible one and drink minimally at each port.”

A cruise ship won’t wait for late passengers as they usually have tight limits on how long they can spend in each port.

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“They won’t care that you drank underage on the island, but they will care if you’re rude or violent on your return if you’re an angry drunk.”

Passengers will also need to check the drinking rules in their destinations as age limits vary across countries.

While people in the UK can drink legally once they reach the age of 18, the drinking age is 21 in the USA.

In Sweden, people can drink in bars or restaurants at the age of 18 but can’t purchase alcohol in a shop until they are 20.

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