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A guest took to Reddit to share their anger after a woman pushed their six-year-old daughter over. The incident occurred at the cruise ship buffet.

The guest claimed: “A woman knocked my six-year-old daughter down while she was standing politely, exactly where she should have been standing, waiting in the crepe line.

“This woman was in a mad dash to fill her plate with fried foods. She then yelled ‘f*g move”, while other passengers rushed to help my daughter up and give the woman a tongue lashing.

“I was too worried about my daughter to yell at the woman, a handful of other passengers did that for me.

“Cruising has exposed us to a lot of rude, angry, short-tempered, classless people who have no common courtesy.”

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A lot of cruise ship disagreements occur at the buffet as passengers are in a rush to get their food.

If guests have a problem there, they will need to ask one of the waiting staff crew or cooks for assistance.

Another passenger said their mother had been insulted by a younger guest while they were on a cruise holiday.

She said: “I went on a short cruise with my mum. At the time she was kind of frail, but didn’t need a walker yet.


“We were in the atrium and it was crowded, but most people were nice and patient about it.

“But this snotty teenager was in a rush and was pushing people left and right. My mum couldn’t move fast enough so she shoved my mum hard enough to make her fall down.

“Of course I was concerned for my mum so I helped her up and made sure she was okay. I yelled at the girl and she looked over at me with a laughing expression on her face.

“Then she saw how absolutely enraged I was and she looked scared, turned around and ran away.

“I looked for her for a while but I never found her. Most people on that cruise were kind and helpful, but that just left a sour taste in my mouth.”

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Cruise holidays are usually suitable for frail travellers as there are lots of staff on hand to help.

However, some family oriented ships may have a huge range of passengers onboard, including teenagers.

Although it’s hard to avoid this, passengers are less likely to encounter children and teens on a cruise during term time.

If they want to cruise during peak holiday time, they could opt for an adult-only line where all the guests have to be over 18.

Another guest said: “Last cruise we went on, I had a run in with a loud, obnoxious young woman in the hallway.

“They believed that the hallway was an extension of the bars after midnight. I had enough after a couple of nights.”

Guests could contact the crew if other passengers are being too loud as they may be able to help.

Cruise experts advise guests to avoid rooms near to or under the ship’s nightclub for a quieter night’s sleep.

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