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Cruise guests won’t have to worry about liquid limits like passengers on a flight, but there are still a few banned items they’ll have to leave out of the suitcase.

A passenger was recently fined over £1,000 when they tried to take a straw hat from a cruise into Australia.

The expert team at Panache Cruises shared which items guests will need to leave behind on a cruise holiday.

James Cole, founder and manager at Panache Cruises, said: “For many of the banned items, cruise lines will offer alternatives.

“So if you are heading off on the cruise of a lifetime this summer, be sure to check prohibited items with your cruise line before packing.”

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Homemade food

James warned: “Pre-packaged, unopened snacks are allowed on a cruise, but any homemade food is banned.

“These limitations are related to concerns for food safety and contamination, as cruise lines are not able to provide refrigeration or storage for personal food items.”

Many cruise destinations also have strict rules about fresh food crossing the border so it’s best to leave the fresh food on the buffet.


James said: “Most cruise lines don’t allow passengers to bring beer or liquor onboard, but they allow one bottle of wine per passenger.

“This must be in your carry-on bag rather than checked luggage and bottles must be unopened and sealed. Some lines charge a corkage fee, so be sure to check with your cruise line before packing your favourite wine. »

Passengers’ bags will be scanned by security when they board the cruise, so any alcohol is likely to be found.

Baby monitors

James warned: “Baby monitors are not permitted on many cruise lines, and the metal walls of many ships don’t allow the monitors to work properly anyway.

“On the cruise, it is likely you will either be in the same room or an adjoining room to your baby so there is no need to worry about being away from them or needing to monitor them as you will always be close by.”

Some cruise lines also offer a babysitting or creche service but guests will need to check this before booking.

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