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Dark skin: taking care of it and sublimating it


Hyperpigmentation, dull and uneven complexion… Dark skin types have a lot of problems enhancing their golden tan. For those who don’t know, a tanned skin corresponds to skin type 4 to 5. This is where it all begins.

Dark Skin Definition: Phototypes 4 to 5!

Phototype is a classification of the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation. Based on skin type and hair color, there are six phototypes.

  • THE photo type 4 corresponds to tanned skin strictly speaking it is transported naturally. The hair is usually brown or black, and the eyes are usually brown. People with this phototype tan easily and rarely get sunburned.
  • THE skin type 5 corresponds to a brown skin color. Hair and eyes are brown to black. The skin tans intensely and sunburns are rare.

How do you know if your skin is dull?

  • You tan easilythis means that your skin naturally contains a lot of it melanin (pigment).
  • You have one warm skin tends towards yellow or olive brown.
  • your summer caramel tan it makes people jealous, but in winter you have it frown. this lack of shine it makes your life impossible without foundation if you are a woman. You don’t know sunburns or rosacea… On the other hand, dark circles and pigment spots can stain your makeup routines.

… Welcome to dark skin!

How to have matte skin without sun?

If you have one clear phototype (1 to 2), don’t expect to have a matte complexion even when exposed to the sun. All you will reap will be wrinkled and dry skin, sunburn or even skin cancer in the worst case scenario.

On the other hand, if you have phototype 3 (intermediate), you can expect to have the matte skin thanks to UV rays. However, this phototype is far from saving the risk of sunburn and malignant melanomas. Avoid prolonged inactivity in the sun and use a cream with sun protection (SPF 50).

Finally, if you have naturally dark to brown skin (types 4 to 5), you can keep a So year round (although in winter the dull skin may turn yellow to grey/green).

How to care for matte skin?

Reveal the glow of your dark skin

Dark or yellowish complexion (olive skin), gray or greenish… Having dark skin is often lack of shine ! To solve this effectively, the first effective step is exfoliation. Choose products that respect sensitive skin. You can opt for mechanical scrubs based on microbeads or for masks based on AHA-BHA. Opt for the mildest formulas. Avoid acid-based products (azelaic, glycolic…). Ideally, practice these gestures once or twice a week. In general, it is best to avoid aggressive peels that are done at home or in an institute.

Also, you can use the peptides recognized for its multiple benefits: luminosity, firmness, smoother and younger skin, dark spots and dark circles fading, improved skin circulation… serums to be applied daily to the face before the day/night cream and intended to restore the skin’s radiance. You will find them in all price ranges.


Fight against hyperpigmentation

Lentigo, brown spotsdark circles, dark lips even melasma…If there’s a beast to beat when you’re in the dark, it is hyperpigmentation ! This excess melanin makes you look tired even though you take care of your lifestyle properly… How unfair!

This phenomenon is aggravated during prolonged exposure to the sun associated with hormonal changes (pregnancy, estrogen intake, etc.), inflammatory lesions linked to
pathologies such as acne or by taking certain medicines (this is especially the case with antibiotics such as tetracyclines).

Some dermocosmetic treatments help regulate melanin production: thiamidol, vitamin C, dioic acid, polyphenols, etc. vitamin Cit is, without a doubt, the ingredient that has been best proven in this field. You can bet on a serum based on this active principle in more or less strong concentrations according to your tolerance. Apply this product daily earlier in the evening, as vitamin C is photosensitizing. So, during the day, incorporate sun protection into your day cream.

Moisturize and nourish your dark skin regularly

To have beautiful matte skin and delay the signs of aging, daily hydration it is essential. For this, the ideal is to apply a serum and/or cream containing hyaluronic acid morning and evening.

You should also nourish your skin regularly, especially after sun exposure. You can opt for natural products such as fig oil orevening primrose and of borage which help fight the effects of skin aging. Finally, the provitamin B5 (also called panthenol) is very effective in the composition of skin care, due to its restorative and soothing properties. You can also use these treatments on your body. And to enhance legs and cleavage in summer, try shimmery or golden oils/creams. However, people with oily skin should avoid their products.

Be careful, when removing make-up or washing your face at the end of the day, avoid aggressive cleansers or those with an acidic pH so as not to dry out your skin. Combine cleansing oils/milks and cleansing foams/jelly to gently wash your face.


Protect yourself from the sun

The base! Just because your skin is dark doesn’t mean it’s immune to the sun’s devastating effects. Premature aginghyperpigmentation, sunburnssun allergy, skin cancer… these realities affect dull and dark skin. So systematically incorporate sunscreen into your day cream. A SPF 30 or even 50 it is recommended.

How to make up your matte skin?

Always make up your skin

It’s a fact: people with brown skin often have to use makeup to enhance their skin. Starting with the makeup brown circles (of pigment origin), sometimes bluish (of vascular origin) or empty. Before you apply your makeup, make sure your dark circles they are well hydrated with a cream adapted to the contour of the eyes. Certain active ingredients should be preferred: hyaluronic acid (to hydrate), caffeine (to increase blood circulation), vitamin C and peptides (against hyperpigmentation)…

Makeup for glasses requires the neutralization of these dark colors. Apply to make-up base on your glasses in shades of orange and yellow to correct this defect. Afterwards and after applying your foundation, you can apply a proofreader that suits your skin tone.

For facial powder, you should opt for light to « nude » textures and a color very close to your skin tone. A foundation that’s too light will make your skin look gray, while a shade that’s too dark will tend to make you lose your glow. Once you’ve applied your foundation, you can still add a touch of concealer that’s a little lighter than the rest of your face. And voila!

Attention, before applying your foundation, don’t forget yours day cream (which must contain a sunscreen). It is possible to use a first oh foundation that reveals the radiance. It is also advisable to mix a touch ofliquid highlighter to your foundation.

Which blush to choose?

coast blush, let’s avoid grandma’s powdered rosewood! We bet everything on a beautiful one coral orange to cook more natural and in harmony with your skin. Forget powders and switch to liquid or stick blush for a more relaxed result. To give structure and perfect your features, don’t hesitate to wear a kit of outlineliquid or pallet. Apply a shade darker than your foundation to the top of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks, and redraw your nose and jawline.

What eye makeup?

Dark-skinned people often have dark-colored (brown or black) eyes. Brown eyes are enhanced with variations of plum and green in warm tones. Prefer a brown or kohl pencil for the eye contour. As for black eyes, the shades that can be suitable are black, copper, gold, khaki or even anthracite gray. A black pencil line will add depth to the look.

What hair color to choose when you have dark skin?

Avoid colors for fair skin (pink or redhead)…

With this skin color, it’s not about opting for colors that are naturally found in people with light skin, such as blond or red. So, even if you would have liked to look like Barbie, you better give up on this project. However, if you want to soften your features, you can lighten your hair by opting for shades of light brown, caramel or even dark blonde.

Prefer scans and shadows!

For a more natural look, opt for balayage or ombre hair to keep the color in some areas. These partial bleaching techniques give the hair a flash and highlights a cut.

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