Elvis Presley threw his food at the TV after what he was watching made him sick | Music | Entertainment

Elvis Presley’s cousin Danny Smith has posted more little-known facts about The King in one of his YouTube short videos.

The King’s relative grew up at Graceland with Lisa Marie and witnessed some of the more eccentric aspects of his private life.

For his first fact this time around, he shared: “One night at Graceland, we had been riding that day.

“And when they quit riding Elvis gave me the key to his golf cart to take out and ride for the rest of the night.”

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Another fact he mentioned was: “Elvis’ dog Get Lo, when he first bought that dog he had bought it for [my] Mama and he got it to follow him around the pet store.

“He asked the man if they had another and they did not so he ended up ordering another one, buying one for Mama and kept it for himself.”

But the stand out had to be The King’s reaction to what he was watching on one of his 14 TVs at Graceland.

Danny shared: “Elvis was watching TV and a feminine product came on the TV and kind of made him sick and he threw his food tray at the TV.”

The sight of what was presumably a tampon commercial was clearly too much for The King.

On another occasion, he actually fired a bullet into one of his TVs when the singer Robert Goulet was on to shut him up.


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