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In new data released by Which?, Britons most loved – and least loved – European coastal destinations were revealed. 

More than 3,500 members were asked to rate their experiences of the 44 coastal towns and cities across Europe, and Valencia in Spain came out top, whilst Mykonos in Greece has been ranked bottom. 

Locations were marked across 12 criteria; the town’s beach, seafront or marina, food and drink, accommodation, tourist attractions, attractiveness, shopping, entertainment, peace and quiet, safety, friendliness, and value for money.

Mykonos Town, however, was given an overall 58 percent destination score, and Which? advised readers to “give it a miss” when considering holiday destinations. 

The location wasn’t ranked on many criteria; its seafront and marina were given three out of five stars, overall attractiveness four out of five stars and friendliness three out of five. 

So why did Mykonos Town fare so badly? Also known as “Greece’s answer to Ibiza”, Mykonos is a party destination with 25 beaches packed with bronzed bodies and bass lines pounding through its superclubs until dawn. During the peak months of July and August, “Mykonos doesn’t sleep”. 

Beaches and beach parties are the biggest attraction, and on the west of the island, the tiny capital Hora (aka Mykonos Town) is the island’s second-biggest attraction. 

But, there is a quieter side to Mykonos; for those wanting to steer clear of the bright lights, Hora offers a more traditional look at Cycladic life. 

Visitors are recommended to catch the sunset at Mikri Venetia (Little Venice), with its view of the windmills. 

During the day, Hora is said to be “ideal for world-class gallery-hopping”. Visit Greece revealed: “Artists recognized by the greatest museums around the world – including the Guggenheim, the Met and the Tate London – often select the island as the place to present their latest paintings, sculptures, photography and video-art creations.” 

Visiting Mykonos is expensive, however, and there are very few budget-friendly offerings. Because it is the “it” place to be every summer, it allows locals to keep the prices high, The Ace Vip suggested. 

Europe’s top 10 worst coastal destinations: 

  1. Mykonos Town, Greece
  2. Fuengirola, Spain
  3. Portimão, Portugal
  4. Napoli, Italy
  5. Benalmádena, Spain
  6. Marseille, France
  7. Catania, Italy
  8. Albufeira, Portugal
  9. Carvoeiro, Portugal
  10. Benidorm, Spain

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