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Everything you need to know to do a digital

Who says it was said… digital detox ! As in previous years, I’m about to spend some time away from my phone and can’t wait! This year I am launching a self-challenge because I decided to do 30 days of digital detox (this will be the first time I’ve done it in a while) starting July 28th, and I can’t wait to see how different the experience will be compared to years past!

I think we all experience it: in the age of ubiquitous technology, it’s increasingly difficult to disconnect. Our smartphones, social media and all the digital distractions in our daily lives are constantly vying for our attention, creating a relentless information overload, which can easily become a source of stress or anxiety.

personally, do a digital detox every summer (and also regularly during the holiday season) it allows me to step back, disconnect and be fully present, for myself and for others. For my part, what I mean by digital detox is to completely cut off social media and emails (I am available by sms and phone to my loved ones) but everyone can create their own definition!

Without social networks, II feel a lot less need to have my phone with me all the time and it feels crazy! I feel calmer, less overwhelmed and distracted… I also noticed doing digital detox than most of the time I open social media out of sheer reflex, without really having anything to « do » there and since then I’ve made an effort to use networking more intentionally and not just as an unnecessary distraction or dead time in my day.

Every summer during my digital detox I get lots of new ideas and great waves of inspiration! I really feel like this moment of disconnection, along with not always having my eyes glued to a screen and letting my mind wander more, increases my creativity!

honestly, once the first days of discomfort have passed (this is when you really take the measure of your addiction, it really brings me back to the harsh reality for me), it’s only positive! I recommend the experience to everyone, whether it’s a 24 hour, 5 day or 30 day digital detox!

Everything you need to know to do a digital

My tips if you want to do a digital detox this summer

Define your goals

Before you begin, ask yourself about the reasons for your approach. What do you want to achieve with this digital detox? Refocus on yourself, boost your creativity, relax, be more present for your loved ones? Defining your goals always allows you to have a clearer vision (whatever the topic) and facilitates the implementation of concrete actions.

Set limits… and respect them!

to set a clear framework for your use (or non-use) of your electronic devices during your digital detox. For example, for my part, I allow myself to use my phone only for calls and sms. Some years I allowed myself to use Pinterest, other years I didn’t. Same for Netflix or other platforms, sometimes I allow them, sometimes not, sometimes only on certain days.

Take the time to define what works for you! That said, keep in mind that the idea is to spend as little time as possible on your phone, so don’t create too many exceptions or opportunities to deviate 😉

Allow yourself a gradual disconnect

If a complete disconnect seems difficult, start with a gradual disconnect! Or starting with a few hours (or days) of digital detox, either by choosing times of the day when you don’t touch your phone, in the evening or in the morning for example. I love the idea of ​​a digital curfew during the holidays : Set a time from which you will put the phone in a drawer until the next day. If you can get your friends or other family members to go on vacation with you, even better!

The idea is to find the formula that suits you! My first digital detox lasted 5 days (and at the time it felt insurmountable), but it was starting with this that I was able to increase the number of days from year to year!

Find activities and hobbies you enjoy, without a screen

Identify activities you enjoy that don’t require a screen, to do alone or with others. read, do board games or puzzlesplay sports, to cookgardening, to meditatego on hikes or nature walks, actively participate in conversations with your loved ones, tinker, do manual work, etc. You will rediscover how your free time can be used in a rewarding and satisfying way without the need for a screen and maybe even discover new passions!

Let go of guilt. !

Every time I announce that I’m doing a digital detox, people fully understand and fully support this approach, with more often a lot of curiosity (and desire?) to realize it it allowed me to release the guilt I felt before doing my first digital detox.

Depending on your definition of digital detox, your personal and professional situation, it will be more or less easy to do a digital detox but I have the deep conviction that it is possible for everyone to find a formula that works for them, if they have the desire, if they prepare and anticipate them and, above all, if they allow themselves.

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And you?

Have you ever done a digital detox? Is it something you long for? Feel free to ask me your questions or share your experience in the comments!

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