Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2023

Expats explain what ‘annoys them most’ about life in the UK | Travel News | Travel

The UK is a popular destination for foreign expats. But what do they really think about the British lifestyle?

On Reddit, expats from around the globe shared their opinions about the worst aspects of living in the UK.

One expat, who said they lived in Scotland, said: “I dislike the amount of litter and how car-centric it is compared to other European countries.”

Although the UK has laws against littering and people can be charged up to £150 for an offence, it’s unfortunately still a problem in some areas of the country.

According to the National Travel Survey, 45 percent of households in the UK owned at least one car in 2021.

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The same survey found that there are 12 cars for every 10 households in the UK, as some people own more than one.

While some of the UK’s cities such as London are easy to get around on public transport, many people in the UK rely on their cars to get around.

The expat added: “I don’t like the culture of binge drinking and lack of cafe culture. I think what annoys me most are the litter and cars as I have no interest in driving.”

The UK came in 13th place in a WHO survey of heavy drinking in 2016, behind other European countries such as Ireland and Austria.


Another expat said: “Not keen on the weather. I miss having four proper seasons. It’s harder to make genuine friends.

“Sometimes the politeness drives me nuts, just tell me what you actually think. It can be a breath of fresh air talking with another foreigner who goes straight to the point rather than dancing around the issue.”

It’s safe to say Britain doesn’t have Europe’s sunniest weather and it’s no surprise to see the rainy climate listed as a negative.

Another expat said they didn’t like “being considered a social outcast as a man not being into football”.

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According to a MORI poll, around 46 percent of Britons regularly watch football on the TV while 10 percent play.

Despite the negatives, expats also shared some of the things they loved about their lifestyle in the UK.

The expat in Scotland said: “I know it’s struggling currently, but the NHS is still leaps and bounds better than the healthcare system where I’m from.”

The UK ranked 10th in the world for healthcare in a recent World Population Review survey.

They added: “I unironically like the weather. The nature is beautiful and old buildings and ruins are still magical to me six years on.

“People here are very friendly too and life is more relaxed, I feel I have a better work-life balance.”

Another expat from India said: “I like the work-life balance, a more open-minded, tolerant society and great public infrastructure.”

They also enjoyed the diversity of cuisine and lack of pollution and said they loved living in London “so far”.

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