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Dubai is a leading destination for tourists from the UK but it’s not known for being the easiest on the wallet.

New research from M&S Travel Money has looked for cheaper alternatives for some of the leading destinations for British tourists.

Nic Moran, from M&S Travel Money, said: “We understand just how important it is, perhaps now more than ever, for families to make sure they’re getting the most out of their holiday budget.

“By considering alternative locations to popular family favourites, as well as local costs, families could save thousands, while still enjoying the culture and cuisine they are looking for in the country they would like to visit.”

When it comes to Dubai, the team found a family of four could save £111 on a 10 day holiday by visiting Abu Dhabi instead.

Although both destinations are part of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is lesser known than Dubai though it’s also packed with attractions.

One of the region’s top-rated attractions is the incredible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is one of Tripadvisor’s best-rated experiences.

A tourist ‘ANR’ wrote: “A fascinating insight into the traditions and beliefs of Islam, provided to us by our passionate guide.”

Abu Dhabi is also home to Ferrari World, a must for any car enthusiasts. Children will love Yas Waterworld.

Culture vultures might want to explore the Louvre Abu Dhabi which houses art from all over the world.

Abu Dhabi also has a range of beaches with the Corniche Beach one of the region’s most popular spots.

The team also recommends swapping a trip to Brisbane with Sydney to save £1,852 per family of four.

When it comes to Europe, travelling to Barcelona instead of Mallorca could save a family over £900.

In Turkey, Antalya was over £500 cheaper for a family than Bodrum, with overall savings of £695.

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