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Amazon’s Prime Day sale is here, running between July 11 and July 12, 2023, and among the deals are some impressive discounts which could actually be a major benefit on your next holiday – and might even end up saving you money along the way. But with the sale coming to an end at 11.59pm this evening, time is running out to get your hands these limited-time savings.

There’s nothing worse than desperately trying to stuff all of your belongings into your bag while contending with the all-too-common airline weight and size restrictions.

Even if you’ve scored the best easyJet flight deal or have found a saving in the latest Jet2 flight sale, going beyond their luggage limits could see you shelling out some unexpected fees at the airport.

But, if you do need some advice on how to make the most of your luggage allowance, flight attendants could be the key. These sky-high workers spend the majority of their days jetting off around the world – and they do a lot of packing and unpacking as a result.

Though there are countless airline tricks out there, there’s one hack recommended by cabin crew that not only helps you make the most of your suitcase space, but can also help you to stay organised while travelling.

Emirates cabin crew member Rhiannon Corbett shared a video on Instagram of her top packing tips and explained how she makes use of packing cubes and other storage bags while travelling.

« I like to use pouches for my clothes and shoes as it kept everything organised and nothing moves around while travelling, » she explained.

While you can use a selection of small bags you already have, packing cubes are the best way to go as they are perfectly sized to maximise the space within a suitcase or cabin bag.

Rhiannon added that she typically packs her cosmetics into a clear bag or pouch. « A clear cosmetic bag so I can see everything that I have already and I don’t need to unpack too much when I get there, » she said.

The good news is, you don’t need to fork out a fortune in order to find some decent ones for your next holiday. While Amazon offers an array of packing cubes throughout the year and even has frequent discounts on offer, the Prime Day Sale has slashed prices.

For example, you can get a set of eight packing cubes and storage bags from the brand BETLLEMORY for just £14.39 if you have an Amazon Prime account or have signed up for a free 30-day Prime membership trial.

Or, if you think you need more packing cubes, why not try the GEEDIAR 11-piece packing cube set, complete with a toothbrush cup and dirty laundry bag? Prime members or those who have signed up for a free 30-day Prime membership trial can get a 16% discount during the sale, paying just £16.79.

But if you do want to make the most of these savings, you’ll need to act fast. The sale comes to an end tonight – July 12, 2023 – at 11.59pm. Furthermore, not all discounts are available throughout both days.

That means, if a certain saving catches your eye, you better act fast to snap it up! 

Before you start packing, it’s crucial you understand exactly what limitations are in place for your chosen airline. You can find out the latest baggage rules, as well as some handy ways to get more for your money, in our Jet2 baggage rules and tricks guide, our « cheapest » easyJet luggage tricks guide or our handy guide to Ryanair’s baggage policy.

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