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A flight attendant has advised passengers to stop making one common mistake as it drives crew members mad and can put them at risk.

Kat Kaamalani is a flight attendant from Hawaii who has over six years’ experience and enjoys sharing travel tips on her TikTok page, @katkamalani.

However, if you are thinking of flying for your next holiday, Kat has one piece of advice, which is to stop pressing the flight attendant button when an airplane is landing or about to take off.

In the video, Kat said this common mistake drives flight attendants “absolutely bonkers” and has asked travellers to stop doing it “immediately”.

She said pressing the flight attendant button during this time can be unsafe, and some flight attendants may not even answer the call unless there is a serious issue.

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Kat explained: “The reason being is that it is a huge safety issue for us and we could get injured and the same with you guys.

“So if we are on the tarmac and you hit [the button] and it is not some type of emergency, we’re going straight back to our seats.”

She added: “If you hit this while we are going up on the aircraft or we are going down or landing, we won’t even come to the light, we will come to it afterwards.”

Kat then listed off some non-emergency reasons someone may hit the flight attendance button.

She said: “Don’t hit this button if you need a barf bag, or a blanket or water, headphones, food, any of that stuff because you’re flight attendant won’t be so happy.”

In text on the video, Kat then said it was important to “just make sure you’re all set before take off.”

Kat’s advice has divided her video comment section, as some users have taken issue with the flight attendant’s complaint.

One comment said “It’s there for me to get assistance – I’m not really concerned about if they like it or not” while another person wrote: “We literally pay for our ticket & the services and the attendant must put in the work. If we’re cold and need a blanket and you so be all set.”

Another commentator was puzzled at being advised not to press the button over needing a barf bag, writing: “Consider the alternative….which is cleaning it up once the light is out.”

However, one user defended Kat’s video, writing: “I feel a lot of people missed the point. She’s not saying don’t hit it and ask she’s saying don’t hit it to ask for stuff during landing or take off.”

Somebody else had some useful advice for if you ever press the flight attendant button during a landing by mistake, and wrote: “If you push I by accident. Push it again to cancel.”

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