florent pagny

Florent Pagny: good news about his health

florent pagny

In early 2022, the singer announced bad news through a video on social media, revealing that he had been diagnosed. a lung tumor inoperable Since then, he had taken a break to focus on his health. Florent Pagny shared his latest news, acknowledging that he did he learned from his mistakes. After having discontinued his first treatment prematurely and experienced a relapse, started to new protocol that requires periodic visits every three weeks. The new tests show that the the tumor disappears and now, he no longer relaxes his treatment, which seems effective, determined to take care of his health (source 1). After realizing his mistake in stopping his treatment prematurely, he now takes a more humble approach to his situation. As for the effects of chemotherapyexplains it his problem is not in his voice, but in the management of his oxygen.

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