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A woman was left bemused and amazed when she woke up to a strange notification from her local post office. Payton is a travel radiology tech who has unexpectedly gone viral on her TikTok account @gisele_rochefort.

Payton posted a video explaining her suitcase had been accidentally damaged while on a Delta flight, but she ended up getting more than she bargained for after complaining to the airline.

The airline Delta accidentally sent Payton 13 suitcases after she complained that her original luggage was destroyed.

As part of her job, Payton travels frequently and last week she took to TikTok to show her badly damaged suitcase. One corner of the suitcase was badly broken, and the outer shell was gone. She wrote in her TikTok video: “Delta destroyed my suitcase. I filed a claim and they agreed to replace it.”

She then got an unexpected message from her post office, and wrote: “I got a notification that I had ‘some packages”.

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Payton then showed her hallway, which was stacked with 10 large packages. And, there were even more packages waiting for her in the delivery truck.

She unpackaged them to find she was now the owner of 13 Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases, which were piled together in a room that had very little space for such large luggage. Payton said: “I think I made a mistake.”

She then showed the suitcases stacked together in what appears to be her living room, which has no space for them. She joked: “It’s called interior design sweetie, look it up.”

Payton’s video has blown up and even local news stations are reporting the funny mistake. However, since her video went viral. Payton has posted an update saying she got in touch with Delta, who put her on a call with a representative of the luggage company called ‘Pam’ who Payton said was “super sweet and very apologetic for the mishap.”

Payton also said that she will not be keeping her 13 new suitcases and will be returning 11 of them to the company, but Pam has let her keep an extra one as well as the one to make up for the original damaged suitcase since Payton was “honest and forthcoming about the situation.”

Payton has also told her followers that the funny mistake was not Delta’s fault. She said: “It was the luggage company’s fault, I have just spoken to someone else who apologised for everything that happened, and the apology accepted it is so a big deal. Delta is still my favourite airline and I will use them every time. ”

Payton wanted people to know she “was never mad about this situation.” She said: “I thought the whole thing was hilarious, I was face-timing my Mum and Dad just cry laughing about it.”

She added: “Delta and Ricardo Beverly Hills have handled this situation beautifully. None of this was ever to attack them I just honestly thought it was funny. “

People in Payton’s comment section were also in on the joke. One comment said: “Delta really said ‘sorry about the mistake, Start a suitcase business on us.”

Another user said: “They definitely went to Costco and called it a day” while another commentator wrote: “Looks like you have birthday gifts for everyone now, luggage is expensive.”

However, one problem-solver in the comments had a suggestion for how the mistake came to be. A user named Benny wrote: “Guaranteed there was a computer glitch that showed it didn’t go through so they tried again and again.”

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