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Freight Brokers Fortify Carrier Relationships through Tai’s Integration with MyCarrierPackets

Once brokers identify key carriers, the integration begins syncing five years worth of carrier data from MyCarrierPackets. By leveraging this data, agents no longer need to directly contact carriers to obtain required documentation. With carrier syncs taking place every four minutes, documentation uploads, factoring/payment setup, preferred regions & shipment types, and contact information are all up-to-date and automatically translated from MyCarrierPackets into Tai.

Brokers looking to work with new carriers can send a carrier invitation within Tai. From there, the integration creates a new carrier profile. This new carrier profile will remain in a disabled status until the packet and insurance information is provided and vetted by MyCarrierPackets. Once the required information is confirmed, the system will activate the carrier for the broker and allow them to begin sharing job details.

While disruptions such as double-brokering scams and capacity fluctuations continue to hit supply chains across the country, Tai’s integrations with carrier security and onboarding platforms, like MyCarrierPackets, protects brokers from uncertainty.


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