Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 boss makes promise to Marvel fans | Films | Entertainment

Gunn has helmed every part of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s journey thus far, beginning with their first movie which premiered in 2014, and their second film, Vol 2, in 2017. He also helmed the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special which aired on Disney Plus.

The upcoming third movie is being touted as the final adventure for the franchise. But that doesn’t mean Gunn is going to allow his series to fizzle out in any way.

The American filmmaker was recently quizzed about the movie on his Twitter account. One fan asked: « James, is it true that Guardians Volume 3 will be 2 hours and 29 minutes? » (sic)

He replied: « It’s around that long, although that’s not yet exact. »

The 56-year-old then went on to give his word about what is to come.

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