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In a nightmarish moment for everyone onboard, a passenger on an Asiana Airways flight opened the plane’s door mid-flight using the emergency exit lever.

A video of the horrifying incident shows passengers grasping their seats as wind billows into the aircraft.

The incident occurred as the Asiana Airways flight was descending to the South Korean city of Daegu on Friday.

According to witnesses, children on the flight were left shaking with fear and crying after the door suddenly opened.

Several of the passengers were so terrified they were sent to hospital with breathing difficulties after the plane landed.

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Police detained a male passenger in his 30s for questioning but it is as yet unclear why the door was opened.

The Transport Ministry said that some passengers tried to prevent the man opening the door but were unsuccessful.

A mother travelling onboard commented: “Children quivered and cried in panic. Those sitting near the exit must have been shocked the most.”

An Asiana Airlines spokesperson said: “Police are investigating the incident after a passenger who was sitting near the emergency exit said he touched its lever.”

Opening the plane door on a flight could be extremely dangerous and even cause passengers to be sucked out.

Travel expert at dealchecker, Rosie Panter, said: “In theory it will cause the cabin to rapidly decompress, sucking anyone not strapped down out of the aircraft and causing all other passengers to lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen and be exposed to frostbite-inducing temperatures.”

Passengers seated in the emergency exit row will be required to open the plane door in the event of an emergency.

However, they will be instructed by the cabin crew if this is the case and should never try to open the door themselves.

In January, a door on a Russian plane sprang open shortly after takeoff but the pilot was able to make an emergency landing.

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