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I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living —

I really wanted to post this article! Our walk-in closet is the one room I’ve kept a little « secret » while I wait to tell you about it. reveal officer! Is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house (yeah, I feel like I say that for every room haha) and of course it’s a dream come true for me to have such a beautiful space to organize and store my stuff and get ready for the morning!

The creation of our wardrobe

As you know, we have done a pretty important reform After Having bought our house in May 2021 and we have revised the interior plan of the house quite a bit, according to the council from our architect Constance– to better adapt to our way of life. Originally our dressing room was both a bathroom (where the window is) and half of a bedroom that connected to an office space (which we also kept as an office). I put pictures below for you to imagine!

1689110178 632 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — 1689110179 10 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — 1689110180 374 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living —

Our dressing room initially had to be a much more modest size and occupies only the space of the bathroom. However, as the project progressed, we realized that if we created a walk-in closet in place of the old bathroom and closed it off, we would be left with a one-bedroom, ten square meters, windowless, very dark, and the utility of which did not seem obvious to us. We had mentioned the idea of ​​making it a storage room communicating with the office (for our work equipment, our documents, etc.), but this room would not necessarily be pleasant (since it was dark and not very spacious), until all for storage space.

It was Vincent who finally suggested the idea of ​​making one large space dedicated to our dressing room. (instead of a dressing room + a separate storage/storage space) that would thus communicate directly with our office and thus give us a sense of space when we were working. As soon as this idea germinated in our minds, we were conquered!

After several months at home enjoying this piece on a daily basis, we do not regret our choice at all: what a joy to have this great space to prepare and store your belongings, a dream! And, personally, one of my favorite things is the fact that the walk-in closet is connected to our office! We benefit a lot from this room, as the office is one of the rooms where we spend the most time.

Another important advantage: when we receive relatives, it is possible to put an inflatable mattress to transform the room into an extra bedroom (we already have 2 guest rooms, but things go fast when we receive friends who have children for example) which would be it wouldn’t have been possible if we had split the room into a smaller dressing room + storage space. So many benefits!


Our Plum Living wardrobe doors

Once we had decided on the space that would be dedicated to the room, we had to take care of the dressing room itself! You know Plum Living ? I followed them for several years on Instagram and its sublime cane and wood doors they were on my moodboard from the start of our renovation project!


How it works ?

plum offers fronts and accessories to dress up Ikea boxes (Metod and Pax) in order to customize wardrobe doors and kitchen drawers, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc. exists different finishes : Plain, Framed, U-Shaped, Classic Barrels and Arches, all available in a range of gorgeous colors! You may remember we called them too for our bathroom furniture 😉

The first step was to design the layout of our dressing room with the Ikea configurator. Vincent and I spent hours thinking about the design and finally decided on a combination of Pax wall units and Metod base units. If you need advice, you can also book a 1h30 video call with a Plum Planner to help you create your layout plan and choose your finishes.

I highly recommend ordering Plum samples to be able to see each color and finish in your interior (with the light of your particular room) before definitively ordering your facades and any accessories (handles, plinths, splashbacks, etc.), this is what we have done and this it was very useful for us!

1689110183 314 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living —

The installation of the dressing room

With stock shortages due to Covid, we had to be patient (and quick when parts came back in stock, because everything was taken) in order to get all the boxes and all the interior equipment needed for our dressing roombut we finally got there, after several months!

Vincent installed everything with the help of one of our friends (Thanks K.) – they did a crazy job because, as always with works, there were quite a few little intricacies throughout the project, especially since the our walls were not perfectly straight. . Once the Ikea cabinets were assembled and attached to the wall (the longest and most difficult part), installing the Plum doors was relatively seamless!


The result

We chose to do so a mixture of cane doors and framed doors (both in sand color). Since we had a limitation with the window in the room, we installed tall cabinets (Pax) and low cabinets (Metod). I am delighted with the quality of the doors and facades : they are solid and resistantas expected, and they haven’t moved since installation a few months ago, knowing we use them daily.

I am absolutely delighted with the result, it really is the wardrobe of my dreams! I love the soft and elegant color palette, the dimension provided by the cane as well as the mix of high / low furniture. The carpet adds that dose of warmth and comfort that also makes the difference (it’s the same carpet that in our room)!

Of course it is too a real pleasure to have so much storage and it changes a lot from our apartment in Bordeaux where we lacked storage for our clothes / shoes.

I still need to hang a few frames and hanging mirrors to dress up the walls and I would also like to install one or more table lamps (on a small table for example) to make the lighting more inviting in the evening. painting sockets and switches that I find too white in contrast to the color of our walls. BUT I didn’t wait to do all this to show you the dressing room – it’s part of my work on myself to be less of a perfectionist haha ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​appreciates the home decor as it currently is T, although in my head I always wish I could do more! Sometimes when renovating a house, we focus so much on what isn’t done yet that we forget what is. Now do! Seeing the « before » photos while writing this article put things into perspective and that’s great 🙂

our-dress-plum-living-cannage-5 our-dress-plum-living-cannage-9 1689110186 167 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — our-dress-plum-living-cannage-6 1689110187 639 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — our-dress-plum-lives-hair 1689110188 322 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — 1689110189 536 I created my dream wardrobe Ikea and Plum Living — our-dress-plum-living-cannage-11


You like ?

I hope you like the result as much as I do! Feel free to ask me your questions in the comments if I haven’t answered some of them!

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[ Disclaimer : les portes et façades de tiroirs du dressing m’ont gentiment été offertes par Plum ]

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