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A flight attendant has divulged how cabin crew decides which passengers are worthy of an upgrade when boarding a flight – and it all boils down to attitude.

Marika Mikusova, a stewardess who has previously penned about her experience in the aviation industry in the Diary of a Flight Attendant, explained that kindness is essential for scoring an upgrade.

According to Mikusova, most passengers are evaluated during boarding, so they should seize this opportunity to make a good impression on staff members.

“You can bring us chocolate, » The flight attendant told the Mirror. « If you do, make sure we know where you are seated so that we know to whom to bring all the goodies. 

“Generally, we will like you if you are polite during the service. No, arguing over chicken or fish, just human respect for your cabin crew. »

Mikusova advised passengers who encounter an issue on board to approach the problem with patience and avoid losing their temper with staff.

“I personally like to joke with passengers, » she added. « If they are on the same wavelength and we have good laughter, I would bring them the blue from the sky.”

As a rule of thumb, the seats located directly behind the bulkhead – which provide extra legroom – will most likely be reserved for families,.

“We usually give the bulkhead seat to families with babies because these are the only seats where we can install the baby bassinet into the wall, » explained Mikusova.

Meanwhile, the flight attendant pointed out the importance of adhering to the menial instructions given to passengers throughout the flight – stressing that they are non-negotiable.

“Yes, you have to fasten that seat belt and put your seat into an upright position. And yes, the window blinds must be open and the armrests down, » she said. « Do not try to negotiate with us, it won’t work. »

She went on: “Another tip is the call bell – do not abuse it! If you do, we might deliberately ignore you. If you need something, come to the galley and ask for it. It’s the surest way to get served.” 

Flight attendant Cierra Mist has previously echoed a lot of the aforementioned advice, confirming that cabin crew rejoice when they’re offered gifts. 

According to Mist, however, passengers should be wary of hanging around once they’ve offered a gift to staff members, as it shows that you expect something in return. 

“We know what you’re doing and it’s not a good look,” she noted. “Be gracious, explain why you’re giving us the gift, let us check your boarding pass, and go sit in your seat.”

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