Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2023

JK Rowling on two Harry Potter characters in ‘most furious fan debate’ | Films | Entertainment

Rowling continued: “There’s a huge appeal – and I try to show this in the Potter books – to black-and-white thinking. It’s the easiest place to be and in many ways, it’s the safest place to be. If you take an all-or-nothing position on anything you will definitely find comrades, you will easily find a community: ‘I’ve sworn allegiance to this one simple idea’. 

“What I’ve tried to show in the Potter books and what I feel very strongly myself: we should mistrust ourselves most when we are certain and we should question ourselves most when we receive a rush of adrenaline by doing or saying something.”

This was when the Harry Potter creator spoke of conflict she’s had with fans over the morality of two characters in particular.

The author shared: “I was struck early on in the Potter phenomenon by how the two characters that caused the most furious debate – and I’m actually using the word ‘furious’ quite literally there at times – was Dumbledore and Snape. People wanted Dumbledore to be perfect. He’s deeply flawed. To me, he is an exemplar of goodness. He did wrong, he learnt, he grew wise. But he has to make the difficult decisions that people in the real world have to make. Very difficult decisions.”

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