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Long Covid: Scientists warn of possible mental ‘fog’ for several years

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Affecting the memory, attention, reasoning and processing speed in patients who have suffered symptoms for 12 weeksTHE long covid it can actually become incapacitating for several years after contamination. Professor Claire Steves, an expert in aging and health, points out that some people have not fully recovered two years after their first infection, continue to experience the long-term effects of the virus. The NHS has set up long Covid clinics to tackle this growing problem (source 1).

The latest data from the National Statistics Office reveal this 1.9 million people in the UK, or 2.9% of the population, reported persistent Covid symptoms for more than four weeks after infection. There difficulty concentrating is the second most common symptom of the long illness of Covid. The researchers also found that the effect of the coronavirus Mental abilities were detected on average nearly two years after initial infection in patients who experienced Covid symptoms for more than 12 weeks. This equates to an impact similar to a Increased cognitive abilities at 10 years of age. As the number of people with long-term Covid increases, more information is needed to understand the reasons for this persistence and how to help these patients make a full recovery.

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