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Majorca is one of Spain’s top holiday destinations and over 11 million tourists travelled to the Balearic island in 2022.

However, residents in the island’s capital city, Palma, have complained that it has become little more than an “amusement park” for tourists.

Many local people are angered by what they see as overcrowding during the summer months.

According to Majorca Daily Bulletin, Jaime Herrero, president of a neighbourhood association, said: “The centre has become an amusement park for tourists. They are driving out the lifelong residents of the centre.”

One local resident said they had sold their flat in the centre of Palma due to the high number of tourists.

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They said the centre of Palma was now packed with “souvenirs and shops for tourists”. They also slammed the city’s accordion players.

The resident said: “They started playing at nine in the morning and didn’t stop until eleven at night. Without a break.”

Residents have said they have to keep their windows closed in the height of summer due to the noise.

Overtourism can also lead to a surge in house prices which can force local residents to look for homes elsewhere.

Majorca isn’t the only destination in Spain to struggle with the number of tourists and residents in Lanzarote have also complained about overcrowding.

Barcelona has also debated the issue with several people calling for limits on the number of cruise ships allowed to visit the city.

The issue is also a problem in the UK with residents in Cornwall complaining about second home ownership.

St Ives, one of Cornwall’s leading destinations, is considering introducing a tourist tax to cope with the number of visitors.

If a tax is introduced, officials plan to use any funds raised to pay for the maintenance of essential services.

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