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On TikTok, user @mr_boris_becker shared a video of himself on a crowded train. He had reserved a seat on the train but there was a woman already sitting in it.

The man told the woman he had purchased the seat she was in, saying: “My place is 103” and pointing to the seat number.

At first, the woman laughed and pointed to several empty seats at the back of the train where he could sit instead.

However, the man insisted that she would have to move saying: “It’s going to be difficult. My place is 103 and I need my place. I’m so sorry.”

The woman then said she understood and gathered up her luggage to move from the seat but another woman appeared to say the man was in the wrong.

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Another TikTok user ‘Naaarjis’ commented: “I’ll never understand why they don’t sit in their assigned places.”

‘NolanJonathon’ said: “Obviously the train is full, so the man needs to get the spot he paid for.”

Another TikTok user said: “Worse than her taking his place is the other woman trying to justify why he should look for another seat.”

One person added: “This happens all too often. Entitled people thinking rules don’t apply to them, then have the audacity to moan when confronted.”

The incident appeared to take place in France where passengers have to pay to reserve a seat on some trains.

One person commented: “It’s not a free seat train so if you go to an empty seat, there’s an 80 percent chance that someone will come to ask for his seat again.”

TikTok user ‘Shenavieve Mitchell’ commented: “I’m so glad you insisted on keeping your place. People will bully you out of your spot as if it’s not your spot.”

Another person said: “If I pay for something and I know it’s mine, then I should have it. Sorry, not sorry.”

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A TikToker recently went viral for refusing to swap her first class seat so a family could be seated together.

She said that the family should have booked their tickets earlier and she wasn’t prepared to swap to a middle seat.

In another incident, a man was left angry when he was asked to move from his reserved seat so a mother and baby could sit there.

The man said that the mother should have booked her ticket earlier and was fuming that he had to give up his seat.

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