Published On: Sun, Apr 23rd, 2023

Man refuses to give up plane seat so newlywed couple can sit together | Travel News | Travel

“I would only ever change to allow a child to sit with their parent because they should not have to sit with strangers who may not be safe for them.

“I can definitely relate to not wanting the aisle seat. I always get hit by the trolley and bumped by passengers.”

Another agreed that he was “not the a**e”, explaining: “I always get aisle seats because of flying anxiety and had a mum/daughter ask me to trade seats so they could sit together which would have put me in a centre seat.

“They were so p****d when I politely explained why I wouldn’t move. I don’t get why people can’t reserve the seats they want – is it they are cheaping out and relying on other people to switch with them?”(sic)

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