Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2023

MicroStar Logistics Announces Major Expansion, Launches New Network Services Division to Manage Reusable Plastic Pallets for the Beer Industry


To prepare for additional growth and diversification through its Network Services Division, MicroStar will invest in significant facility buildouts. In addition to general upgrades to MicroStar’s network of facilities, the Eagle Pass, Texas quality center will undergo a major expansion to ~500,000 square feet, and a ~250,000 square foot green field facility will be constructed in Arizona. In addition to reusable plastic pallets, the Network Services Division will add further items to support the beer industry.

About MicroStar Logistics

Founded in 1996, MicroStar Logistics is the world’s leading provider of circular, outsourced supply chain solutions for the beer industry. MicroStar’s highly efficient and sustainable shared keg programs now include over 6 million stainless steel kegs (MicroStar-branded kegs in the US and Kegstar-branded kegs internationally). Its Network Services Division manages reusable assets including returnable plastic pallets. Its Quality Services division extends the life of reusable assets making the most efficient use of finite resources. Visit

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