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My 10 Tips to Beat the Early Year Blues! — Mode and the city

My 10 Tips to Beat the Early Year Blues —

If you’re like me a lover of Christmas and end-of-year celebrations, I’m sure you know this a bit of relaxation that is invited once the euphoria of the holidays has passed. Every year I get a little low in morale and energy in January! This time of year is often cold, dreary and rainy and admittedly it doesn’t always help lift spirits BUT there are many ways to make the most of this time of year and I wanted to DO it. a list of tips for not giving in to the blues at the beginning of the year!

#1: Spread the holiday spirit at home

Although the Christmas tree is traditionally taken down at the beginning of the year (I personally never put it away after January 1st), I love using beautiful LED light garlands everywhere in our house during the winter, because I find their presence very comforting! I put it in vases, on my dressers or consoles, around mirrors, etc.

I also use candles a lot to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home.. I turn it on every day, especially in the morning when i meditate or in the evening when night begins to fall. Remember to choose them in vegetable wax if possible 🙂 I personally love them this candle loves at the moment and I also really appreciate the marks Wabi-Sabi, Labogy I Apis Cera !

You will enjoy spending time at home even more this soft and cocoon atmosphere that will make the perfect transition between the end of the year celebrations and spring!

#2: Sort and sort

I really like taking the time to tidy things up at home at the beginning of the year, it’s a bit like a break for me and a chance to put things back together and start from scratch! For me there’s something almost therapeutic about creating a void by getting rid of things you no longer need or use in your home. I find, relax me!

I had written you a fairly comprehensive article with my tips for de-cluttering your home and your mind on that note, you should like the start of the year!

If what you want to fix is ​​your wardrobe, you can also read my article how I arrange and store my clothes from season to season !

#3: Try hygge

Pronounced « hu-gueh », it’s a philosophy aimed at creating a sense of well-being, cocooning and conviviality, to be shared with family and friends, often around a good table and comforting drinks. I started to be interested in this concept 4/5 years ago and I am a total fan of this philosophy which corresponds to me completely, I who love to spend time at home, with my loved ones.

In particular, hygge allowed me to learn how to do this to appreciate winter and the moments this season can offer us. This school of thought is present in all the Nordic countries under different names (“gezellig” in the Netherlands, “lagom” in Sweden, “scoorie” in Scotland, etc.) and if you are interested, I recommend the following books that will teach All what you need to know about this philosophy that is so comforting this season: The Hygge Book (the first I read, very interesting!). The Book of Lagom, the book of coories I Coorie art!

#4: Take care of yourself through food

What we eat has a huge impact on our morale and a balanced diet helps prevent mood disorders! Remember to eat a variety of foods, with as many colorful vegetables as possible. (rich in antioxidants) and seasonal!

If the topic of food interests you, you can (re)read my article on all essential foods for healthy and tasty cooking! I also have lots of recipe ideas my food page !

Finally, herbal teas are also great for draining, soothing and warming when it’s cold! Personally in this season I opt for spice infusions to keep that holiday spirit going ! At the moment I’m loving Pukka’s 3 cinnamon infusions, Kusmi Tea’s Glögg or Wild Apple Cinnamon Infusion (still in Pukka)!

#5: Set your intentions for the year

As I told you in my previous postI really like taking advantage of the beginning of the year to take stock of the past year and define my intentions for the coming year. If you want to do the same, here are some principles to help you:

  • 2022 was the year that…
  • In 2022, what were the people or experiences that generated positive emotions for me…
  • In the year 2022, what were the people or experiences that generated negative emotions for me…
  • In 2022 I would have liked to spend more time on…
  • In 2022 I would have liked to spend less time on…
  • What was the biggest lesson I learned from 2022…
  • In 2023 I want to leave behind…
  • In 2023 I want to continue…
  • In 2023, I want to start/learn to…

It’s an excellent exercise to do, alone or with loved ones!

I also really like the idea of ​​choosing a word of the year, a concept proposed by Clotilde Dusoulier I Gretchen Rubin ! It’s a really fun exercise to do! Last year I chose “trust” (this year I’m still hesitant) and that word had been a great compass for me over the months!

#6: Get ready to celebrate again

Keep your calendar up to date and don’t miss the next opportunities to reunite your loved ones : la galette des rois in January, crepes for the Candlemas on February 2, a romantic dinner, get together with your loved ones for a friendly moment and above all you can create your own opportunities!

#7: Enjoy a wellness break

Although this time of year is not my favorite, you have to admit that winter is conducive to the cocoon and I love that! In this season I try to make time for wellness breaks on a regular basisoften a massage (you can find here my article on the 5 best massages I tried in Paris) or a yoga class, a sound bath, a breathing session, etc. Adapt according to what makes you feel good!

#8: Take care of your sleep

Who says a good sleep says better morale! Lack of sleep has a huge impact on our overall well-being and taking care of your nights is taking care of your mental health! I’m passionate about sleep and I’ve talked about it in detail at this article in which I also give you my tips to improve your sleep. If you want to read a book on the subject, I can only recommend Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, a goldmine on the subject! We should all read this book!

#9: Move

It’s no secret, doing sports, Getting moving and moving is essential for mental health! In case of blues, I always try to motivate myself to do a little yoga session or Pilates or simply to go for a walk for a few minutes, even if it takes all the courage in the world to motivate me in these moments of blues! When I’m really low on energy, a brisk walk with a hot tea in hand or a few minutes of stretching goes a long way!

Moving releases a cocktail of hormones that naturally help boost morale! If you are looking for recommendations, I have written an article with my favorite videos and apps for working out at home!

#10: Watch comforting movies or series

This season, I love watching Nancy Meyers and Norah Ephron movies! The Virgin River series has this comforting side to it which is also good in this period (I’m finishing season 4)
If you’re looking for movie ideas to watch, you can read back my article on my favorite romantic comedies !

And you, what are your tips for not being overwhelmed by the blues this season? Tell me all about it in the comments 🙂 I look forward to your advice!

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