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A flyer took to the Reddit section Airport Freakout to share a clip of a toddler jumping up and down on a table inside an aircraft.

The Reddit user u/readysetgorilla posted a nine-second clip with the caption “Letting children run wild during an eight-hour flight”.

It depicted a little girl jumping on the table in front of her seat and grabbing onto the chair in front until it started shaking.

This caused some disruption to the passenger sitting in the seat, however, in the video he did not react at all. 

The short clip has amassed more than 2,000 comments, with many blaming the parents for the child’s behaviour, with some even branding them “useless”.

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Many Reddit users blamed the toddler’s parents, with one Reddit user slamming them as “useless”.

Another said: “That kid is too young to know any better. Smack the parents instead.”

A third seconded this: “I made a comment not too long ago about people letting their children run wild in a hotel and I was told what a horrible person I was for suggesting a hotel isn’t the place.

“Children need freedom! No, children need to be taught what is appropriate and what isn’t. This isn’t, but she is a toddler and toddlers gonna toddle. Lazy parenting.”

Another commented: “The parent/guardian is a moron. Not only is this rude, it’s f******* dangerous.”

One Reddit user said: « I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it. »

Some forum users couldn’t believe how calm the man sitting in the seat in front was being: « Why is the guy just letting it happen? I would’ve said something. » 

Another added: « I’m pretty non-confrontational, but even I would stand up and say something. »

A few Reddit users proposed the “child-free sections on planes” be brought in, to avoid disruptions such as these.

Others advised that in these situations, a flight attendant should be called over to “put a stop to it”, after asking the offending passenger “once politely” and not engaging further.

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