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It was 60 years ago when The Beatles were experiencing the dizzying heights of Beatlemania, as they toured Europe and the USA.

During this period Paul McCartney took plenty of personal photographs that have never been seen before by the public.

Now for the first time, hundreds are going on display as part of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery called Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm.

Posting a new snap of George Harrison following others of John Lennon and Ringo Starr, Macca captioned it below: “George looking young, handsome and relaxed. Living the life. Miami Beach, 1964.”

The Quiet Beatle’s widow commented on the snap of the star, who died in 2001, accepting a drink from a woman in a bikini: “He looks like Ringo there!”

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The National Portrait Gallery’s website writes: “An unprecedented exhibition, revealing – for the first time – extraordinary photographs taken by Paul McCartney. In this show, we focus on portraits captured by McCartney, using his own camera, between December 1963 and February 1964 – a time when The Beatles were transitioning from a British sensation to a global phenomenon.

“These never-before-seen images offer a uniquely personal perspective on what it was like to be a Beatle at the start of Beatlemania – and adjusting from playing gigs on Liverpool stages to performing to 73 million Americans on The Ed Sullivan Show. At a time when so many camera lenses were on the band, it is Paul McCartney’s which tells the truest story of a band creating cultural history – in one of its most exciting chapters.”

The exhibition takes place at the gallery from June 28 to October 1, 2023. It’s free for members and patrons or at least £22 a ticket including entry to the National Portrait Gallery.

All visitors under 30 can enter for £5 and other concessions do apply. To book tickets click here.

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