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Later today, at 2:40pm, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid graces BBC 2 screens. The exciting Western movie was brought to life by director George Roy Hill, but it was made famous by its legendary Hollywood stars: Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Behind the scenes, however, the two actors did not have a perfect relationship.

Newman spoke about his time working closely with Redford in a classic episode of BBC‘s interview show Talking Pictures.

During the conversation, he fondly recalled working with his fellow American actor.

Newman beamed: « We have a lot of fun together, we bounce off each other real well. »

But the actor did resent Redford in some ways, as he was hugely jealous of his part in the movie they shared, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Newman played the titular Butch while Redford played the Sundance Kid – but he wanted it another way.

« I would have preferred to have played Sundance, » Newman said. « I feel a little more comfortable with that cooled-out kind of quality. »

After a beat, he added: « I suppose it’s the easier part! »

Although Newman died in 2008, his 2022 memoir went on to reveal that he had a lot of issues with Redford while they were shooting the movie together, as well.

Newman’s book, Paul Newman: The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man – A Memoir, explained how the star’s lateness became a major issue for him.

He said: « You can’t depend on Redford. You’re never sure he’s going to be there. That’s simply discourteous. »

Newman’s youngest daughter, Clea Newman Soderlund, also recalled the issues the actor had with Redford while they worked together.

« My father was very much a stickler for timeliness, » she explained. « And Bob [Robert], that was never really his strength. »

Newman Soderlund went on: « It was hard work for dad. He worked very hard at it because he wanted to be good and he wanted to be successful and Bob was more of a free spirit. »

Despite the fact Newman and Redford didn’t completely see eye-to-eye, they worked on another film together. In 1973 they teamed up with George Roy Hill once again in The Sting.


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