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Several popular beaches in Cornwall and Devon have been hit with a sewage warning after storm sewage was discharged. Anti-sewage charity, Surfers Against Sewage, issued the warning on its website.

In a warning the charity said: “Storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow in this location in the past 48 hours.”

It follows Storm Noa which battered the south-west of England on April 12 leading to a Met weather warning.

The charity has urged people not to enter the water at the affected spots as they could be at risk of sewage.

Surfers Against Sewage campaigns against the discharge of sewage into British seas and rivers.

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Human sewage contains bacteria and viruses which could make people very ill if they are ingested.

Swimming in sewage could cause stomach aches, skin infections, ear infections, eye infections and more.

The charity has an interactive map which warns Britons where they could be at risk of sewage.

The frost symbol on the map means that there was no data available while the green tick means the area is safe for swimming.

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