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Whether they’re travelling on easyJet, Ryanair, Jet2 or another airline, most Britons will be aware that passengers aren’t allowed to take liquids over 100ml in their hand luggage.

However, the unpopular rule could soon be scrapped as the UK’s airports prepare to introduce new scanners.

Despite this, most Britons travelling this summer will still need to limit their liquids, pastes and gels to 100ml containers.

The liquid rules apply to foods such as jam, make-up including mascara and other items such as face cream and toothpaste.

All liquid containers must be inside a clear plastic bag which must be around 20cm x 20cm and each passenger can only have one.

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Passengers can take liquids larger than 100ml through security if they are essential for medical purposes, for special dietary requirements or contain baby food or milk.

Travellers will not be allowed through security with larger liquids even if the container is less than half full.

Many airports have clear plastic bags available for passengers before security but tourists can also use their own reusable bags.

Passengers are allowed to bring one lighter on board the plane but it should be inside a resealable plastic bag.

Travellers can’t take lighters in their hold luggage or put one into their hand luggage after security screening.

If passengers try to take large liquids through security they will be confiscated by airport staff.

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