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Do you want to play a game? Be warned, this one is a little different.

London has a brand new escape room experience in the style of the iconic horror franchise SAW. Punters can grab tickets for torture and explore rooms inspired by the gory films in a fight for redemption right now.

Players will be forced to work together to get out alive in a series of games that put their « morality, wits and courage » to the ultimate test. Will you help out other teams? Or will you send them on the path of doom as Jigsaw’s malevolent gaze closes in on each unlucky player?

Just like other escape rooms, players will need to overcome a series of tasks and challenges to emerge victorious. And once they do, there’s a fantastic reward awaiting players at the end of the journey: The Traproom.

The SAW-themed bar serves « one of a kind » craft cocktails and unexpected « creative libations ». Perhaps you’ll see a pit of needles or a head-splitting vice along the way, as well.

Players will have the choice of two game routes, allowing them to return for a completely different experience multiple times.

Tickets for the SAW: Escape Room Experience are out now, and here’s all the information you need:

Tickets for the SAW: Escape Room Experience are out now, and are available directly from the official website HERE.

Once in the website, fans should pick their required date and time for the escape room experience and check out.

At the time of writing, the experience is open from Thursdays to Sundays with multiple time slots throughout each day beginning from midday and ending at 6pm.

Tickets are available beginning from £29 per person, but there are also £39 and £49 tickets available for the busier evenings and weekend slots – but act fast before they all fill up!

Can’t get enough of the tantalising torture and want to see how Jigsaw’s story ends? I don’t blame you. Thankfully, there is a lot of SAW content out there – but it’s all very spread out.

There are currently nine SAW movies that have been released over the past 19 years.

SAW first hit cinemas in October, 2004. Since then, the franchise has expanded exponentially, with spin-offs (Spiral, Jigsaw) and special editions (SAW 3D).

There is no one place to watch every single one of the SAW movies, however streaming service NOW has many of the films on the network.

Included in the list are SAWs one to six and The Final Chapter. However, this list may change at any point. Netflix also has a few of the film series’ entries, including SAW and Spiral. 

Get tickets to the SAW: Escape Room Experience now.

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