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After almost a decade out of the West End, Queen musical We Will Rock You returned triumphantly with its opening gala at the London Coliseum last night. 

Celebrities including Sir Rod Stewart, who gets a mention in the show, were in attendance alongside Express.co.uk.

Yet the star and his wife Penny Lancaster missed the best moment of the night, slipping out of the auditorium’s Bohemian Rhapsody encore when Sir Brian May himself ended up making a surprise appearance.

After the cast sang out the opening of the Freddie Mercury hit, the Queen guitarist was raised up on a platform, rock instrument in hand, to give his own iconic solo.

If that wasn’t enough, Roger Taylor then joined him on stage as the cast took their bows.

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Show writer Ben Elton, who plays Rebel Leader for the first time in the We Will Rock You revival, then made a short speech.

He said how it was “a dream come true” for him, Sir Brian and Roger to see the musical return to the West End “where it damn well should be”.

The comedian added: “That’s the spirit of theatre: live music, live theatre, live rock and roll! Let’s keep it going and celebrate it forever.”

Sir Brian also made an appearance during the previews and oversaw the installation of the new Freddie Mercury statue in the show.

The original from the Dominion Theatre was saved from going into storage when Roger asked that the monument be placed in his home garden in the country.

Queen musical We Will Rock You starring Ben Elton is playing at London Coliseum for 12 weeks only and can be booked here.

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