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While solo travel can be nerve wracking, there are a few things travellers can do to boost their personal safety.

Claudia said: “Learn about where you’re going. Taking some time to research and understand the local customers and norms is not only interesting but important. At the same time, trust your instinct and enjoy the unexpected, because travel is also about having fun and enjoying unplanned situations.

“Don’t overshare personal details with strangers and let friends or family know where you are by sharing your location from time to time.”

It’s a good idea not to share personal information with any strangers and to keep family or friends updated on your movements.

Claudia added: “Show self-confidence, especially when walking in uncrowded and poorly lit areas. A backpack and phone in your hands, as well as luxury goods, attract unwanted attention. Trying to blend in with the locals is a good way to avoid this discomfort.”

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