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Hello everybody ! Today we meet for a new decorative article in which I tell you the renovation of one of my favorite rooms in the house: our bathroom!

The bathroom space

As I mentioned in this article about our renovation project and our collaboration with an architect, we did a great job rearranging the space in the house during the renovation. Originally, our current bathroom was a bit smaller and connected to our bedroom.

While the idea of ​​the master suite is appealing, it’s not something that fits our lifestyle: Vincent and I have slightly abnormal rhythms and I go to bed / get up before him. So the shared bathroom wasn’t necessarily an idea we liked – I personally didn’t want to have to tiptoe and make noise in the morning while getting ready while Vincent was still asleep, and in turn Vincent would probably have woken up. it wakes me up at night using the bathroom if it communicates with the bedroom.

So we decided to close off the bathroom to separate it from our bedroom and we don’t regret our choice! This created a new door in the hallway (to allow access to the bathroom) and we took the opportunity to expand it slightly by cutting out the kitchen space (which is behind the wall you see in the first picture below).

Before the reform

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After the reform

bathroom-renovation-concrete-wax-3 bathroom-renovation-concrete-wax-6 1689113858 72 the beforeafter quite bluff — Mode and the city

Quite a transformation, isn’t it? I find it hard to believe it’s the same part myself! For this space, we wanted warm and slightly stronger colors than in the rest of the house and, as with all other parties, cocooning was the key word! One of my favorite things is the shower window that overlooks the bamboo trees, it’s such a peaceful view. In the morning the light is gorgeous in the room and the sound of the wind in the bamboo is so nice in the summer when you shower with the window open!

We have chosen to use waxed concrete in the bathroom – we loved the look (especially the lack of a boundary between the floor and the shower) and it’s a really comfortable material underfoot for a bathroom where you walk very barefoot! He obviously was specifically treated for porosity since it is in a body of water. We also used waxed concrete for the countertop and the result is gorgeous! We used Mercadier’s Mignon and Atlas shades.

1689113859 840 the beforeafter quite bluff — Mode and the city bathroom-renovation-concrete-wax-5

We opted for golden taps of Tres Griferia, a brand with which Constance, our architect, used to work This gold really enhances the other colors in the bathroom ! For the toilets we chose a rectangular model from Porcelanosa: I have to admit that I don’t like « bowl » toilets because I find that there is always water everywhere and this rectangular shape is super practical and timeless! No regrets!

Side of tileswe used THE same travertine as our kitchen floor, which was cut to size by our contractor to make long, rectangular tiles to be laid in a herringbone pattern. I love the result, both in the shower and as a splash behind the sinks! It was truly a goldsmith’s work (I showed you in Stories) and the result is sumptuous!

The paint used in this room is a sand color from the Argile brand (from the organic range) and, like our room, the walls AND ceiling were painted the same color, which reinforces this side » cocooning »! This is great advice that was passed down to me. constancy !

bathroom-renovation-beton-wax-4 bathroom-renovation-beton-wax-7

We chose to create our bathroom with Ikea Metod low cabinets and Plum facades in walnut ! I love the result, I think the shade goes really well with the beige / pink tones of the room! Since we lacked some storage (especially for towels, sheets, beauty products in advance), we also added a Pax wardrobe from Ikea, again with matching Plum doors in our toilet!

1689113862 514 the beforeafter quite bluff — Mode and the city bathroom-renovation-concrete-wax-2

We have also installed a Sauter towel dryer (this is the Asama Ventilo model) in the bathroom and I’m delighted with the cappuccino color we chose! It matches the color palette of the bathroom so well and is exactly what I wanted! The heated towel rail is connected and therefore easily adjustable remotely via the Sauter app. We programmed it to be warm in the morning when we get ready, which is so nice, especially in this season! We have several radiators of this brand and our cluster also comes from Sauter so it’s great to be able to control everything remotely with the same app – especially handy when you want to turn the heating on or off when you’re away, for example!

1689113864 898 the beforeafter quite bluff — Mode and the city

To remember the arches present in the house, we attached rounded mirrors from Leroy Merlin above the sink. This was again a recommendation from constancy and an inexpensive option that works great! Unfortunately I can no longer find them in their e-shop 🙁 Around the mirrors we installed 2 Vanity Boom wall sconces, one of my favorite lighting brands! I love the delicacy of her pieces and the light is very soft which is really nice in a bathroom (full face lights over the mirror showing all the skin flaws is my pet peeve haha).

bathroom-renovation-beton-cire-15 1689113866 686 the beforeafter quite bluff — Mode and the city

What a pleasure to get ready in this bath every evening and morning, I never get tired of it!

You like ?

Do you like the result? Feel free to ask me your questions in the comments if you have any!

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