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According to new research from the expert team at Skyscanner, Britons can save money on a holiday to Spain using a few different tricks.

The team found that a third of Britons still haven’t booked their summer holiday despite being desperate to get away.

For Britons who are yet to book their summer Spanish getaway, Skyscanner found that Tuesday was the cheapest day to book a flight.

Many holidaymakers wait until the weekend to book a holiday but they might be able to save by booking the flight on a Tuesday.

However, flight prices will usually rise the sooner it gets to the travel date so if tourists see a price they like, it’s important to secure it as soon as possible.

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Skyscanner also found the cheapest days to fly to Spain were Monday and Thursday and Britons that are willing to be flexible on their date of travel could save.

Many 9-5 workers like to fly on a Friday or Saturday to maximise their annual leave but choosing a Monday or Thursday flight could save money.

According to the team’s research, the cheapest week to travel to Spain in August was the 18th.

Although most British families like to book holidays at the start of the school holidays, they could save by waiting until the end of the summer break.

Britons that don’t have to travel during school holidays can find the cheapest flights on July 14.

While Spain has a huge range of holiday destinations, Skyscanner found that the cheapest spot to fly to was Palma, the capital of Majorca.

Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s travel trends and destination expert, said: “According to our data, the first two weeks of the school holidays are by far the most popular weeks to head away this summer, however, this is in fact the most expensive time to travel.

“Skyscanner’s data shows that on average travellers can save 16 percent by travelling the last week versus the first week of the school summer holidays, meaning an average saving of up to £220 for a family of four!”

Spain travel tips

  • Cheapest day to fly – Monday or Thursday
  • Cheapest day to book – Tuesday
  • Cheapest destination – Palma

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