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The morning routine that brightens my days, even on the mornings when I don’t have time! — Mode and the city

The morning routine that brightens my days even on the

A few months ago I did a live show with trainer Clotilde Dusoulier on the subject of morning routine and I’ve had so many positive comments about it that I wanted to tell you more about it here 🙂

Too often we imagine that to put a morning routine instead you have to get up at 5am and have 1.5 hours ahead of you: luckily that’s not the case! Every morning routine is different and extremely personal. It is also necessarily scalable according to our situations (especially if we have children or not for example) and our moments in life. The idea is, therefore, not to compare morning routine to that of others, because we all have our own desires, needs and limitations 😉

My idea of ​​the morning routine

personally I don’t want mine morning routine to be a straitjacket in which I close myself : on the contrary, for me it is a privileged space that allows me to start the day in a calm and intentional way. In this way, I have 2 formats of morning routines: the « plan A » routine. (when I have time, when I have no unforeseen events, when I have slept well, etc.) and the « plan B » routine. (when I have less time, when I had a rough night, when I have a well-scheduled day ahead, etc.), because let’s face it, some mornings are more chaotic than others!

The idea for me is that no matter what happens, I still have time (even if it’s just a few minutes) to start the day mindfully, allowing me to not get caught up in the tsunami of the day.

This is really the big benefit the morning routine has had for me since I created it 4/5 years ago (and it’s evolved a lot since then): starting the day intentionally keeps me calm and in control throughout the day (well, most of the time haha) as I launched into my day as soon as I woke up, often on autopilot, it eventually created a lot of anxiety and made me feel like I was under a steam engine at the end of the day .

Another thing: a morning routine can also be things you don’t do (and therefore literally take 0 minutes, what good news!): in particular, in my case, not picking up my phone when you wake up! As I often tell you, II banned the phone from my bedroom for almost 5 years and it changed my life!

NB: If you like the topic of the morning routine, I invite you to read Hal Erold’s book, Miracle Morning at this point!

Plan A: My ideal morning routine

  • I get up without picking up my phone (I highly recommend investing in a traditional alarm clock if you currently use your phone to wake up, it’s a life changer! Personally! I haven’t had my phone in my room in 5 years! )
  • I make a very hot Earl Gray tea and while it brews I put on my gym clothes
  • I get moving: depending on the day, I either go for a walk (drinking tea from a thermos), or do Pilates, yoga or stretching for about 15/20 minutes.
  • I drink my tea (if I haven’t already) writing in my journal for 5 minutes listening this playlist which I adore and which calms me down.
  • I meditate or do a series of breaths for 5/10 minutes.

My ideal routine takes me about thirty minutes. I’m lucky enough to work from home and I almost see those 30 minutes as travel time between my personal and professional space!

I know that more and more people have the possibility to work from home, so why not reinvest this time « saved » by not taking transport and reinvest it in a morning routine that makes you feel good if this is possible for to you?

Plan B: My alternative morning routine

I’m using my replacement morning routine a lot right now, because this is a busy time for me…and that’s okay! I know things are cyclical and in a few weeks I’ll have more time to get back to my plan A more regularly 😉 Having a plan B allows me to not lose my morning routine habit and start each day intentionally despite everything, even if my routine is very short!

  • I get up without picking up my phone (which never changes!)
  • I make a very hot earl gray tea and while it infuses I move with a few stretches followed by 3-4 conscious breaths (big ins / outs) or 1/2 minute meditation with eyes closed, in my kitchen, still inside . pajamas!

It takes me 5 minutes max, it’s quick and easy, but it’s still a (mini) calm space before I launch into my day!

The importance of adapting the morning routine to yourself!

As Clotilde pointed out, we are talking about morning routine though We can also create this space at any time of the day! If you have children and the morning is already busy and very punctual, you can set up your morning routine when you arrive at the office for example (or during your lunch break, or whenever you want)!

Likewise, if you find it easier to create one morning routine on weekends than during the week, it can also be a good way to put a foot in the stirrup 😉

And you?

Do you have a regular morning routine? Weekdays and/or weekends? If the topic interests you, I can also tell you about my nighttime routine, because I also have a super comforting little ritual for a good night’s sleep! What you say? Tell me in the comments!

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